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National Geographic Documentary – Fastest Animals Running – Wildlife Animal

The fastest land animal is the cheetah, which has a recorded speed of 109.4–120.7 km/h (68.0–75.0 mph).[1] The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird and the fastest member of the animal kingdom with a diving speed of 389 km/h (242 mph).[2] The fastest animal in the sea is the black marlin, which has a recorded […]

National Geographic Documentary – Gigantic Octopus – Wildlife Animal

Not to be confused with Giant octopus. Pen and wash drawing by malacologist Pierre Dénys de Montfort, 1801, from the descriptions of French sailors reportedly attacked by such a creature off the coast of Angola Dénys de Montfort’s “Poulpe Colossal” attacks a merchant ship. An unknown species of gigantic octopus has been hypothesised as a […]

Close to the Nature. Lotus Homebirth. Documentary/ Blisko Natury.Domowy poród lotosowy. Dokument

Karolina i Krzysztof decided to welcome their baby at home naturally. Watch this amazing document showing their story, why they have made such decision, their background and a personal story. Share this emotional moment with them. Polish website of their event ——————————- About video creator – Mlodzikova: I am a self taught video creator […]

National Geographic Documentary -Great Bear Rainforest – Wildlife Animal

The Great Bear Rainforest (also known as the Central and North Coast forest)[1][2] is a temperate rain forest on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada. Originally a name coined by environmental groups in the mid-1990s,[3][4][5] it is a 6.4 million hectare area along British Columbia’s north and central coast.[6] It is part of the […]

America’s Wildest Refuge Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge | Watch Documentaries

America’s Wildest Refuge Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Snake( fight )with Honey Badger National Geographic Documentary wildlife animal HD

Snake (fight) with Honey Badger National Geographic Documentary wildlife animal HD nxb studio,the right place for entertainment amazing 4k videos,animal videos,nature videos, and superhit hindi movies. if you like please subscribe our channel for upcoming videos by nxb studio. FOR MORE VIDEOS VISIT OUR CHANNEL,… facebook twitter google+ video source National geographic […]

National Geographic Documentary – Japan – Wildlife Animal

Japan has a total of 6,852 islands extending along the Pacific coast of East Asia. The country, including all of the islands it controls, lies between latitudes 24° and 46°N, and longitudes 122° and 146°E. The main islands, from north to south, are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The Ryukyu Islands, which include Okinawa, are […]

Affairs With Bears (2018 cut) – wildlife documentary

A film about people, wildlife, and co-existence.