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A Cancer In The Amazon

Meet the team behind teleSUR’s special documentary A Cancer in the Amazon looking at 25 years after victims of chevron-texaco’s environmental disaster.

Aryan BrotherHood Behind Bars – Super Max Prison – One Of The Most Powerful Gang Documentary 2016

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Latino Mafia.Mexico’s Drug Gang war documentary film 2016

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Walking On Water Science Experiment – Purisrar Dunya – Urdu Documentaries

Purisrar Dunya presents Walking On Water Science Experiment. For more Urdu Documentaries keep visiting.

Top 7 Technologies The Military is Working on Right Now. Evolution of Military Technology 2018

The Newest Military Technology Coming Out in the Near Future. latest and newest military technology 2018 documentary. 7. Real Time Translation 6. Bullets that Change Direction 5. 3D Reconstruction Models 4. Fatigue Reducing Suits 3. Brain Implants to Restore Memory 2. Modular Prosthetic Limbs 1. Hack-Proof Systems

The Nature of Nature Documentary 2018 HD

The All-Seeing Eye provides you with all the BEST Videos about SPACE and SCIENCE. If you love Space this channel is for you! SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with our uploads. Lean back and enjoy your Journey through the Universe 🙂

Pet Animals Well Care – Great To See My Pet Animal With Green Grass

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My Father, Who Art in Nature (2012) Official Trailer

This is a trailer for my forthcoming documentary about my father, John Olmsted. After a brief and bittersweet marriage to my mother, my father simply could not contain his dream of following John Muir into the woods and against the bulldozers of this world. Following Jug Handle nature reserve in Mendocino, my father has been […]

APECA Making a Difference Along the Amazon – Peru

This is one of eleven stories about the “power of one” from the feature documentary, Opening Our Eyes. Mother/Daughter filmmaking team circle the globe seeking out change makers who are making a positive difference in the world. This segment features Gina Low of APECA who is making a difference in communities along the Amazon River […]

Dateline – Love, Sex And Science | Documentary Archive

Dateline – Love, Sex And Science | Documentary Archive