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Mission to Mercury

BepiColombo is the first ever two-spacecraft mission to Mercury. This documentary by the Science Museum, explains this mission between the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, The two satellites will go into separate orbits around Mercury. This is a unique aspect of the mission. These synchronised satellite orbits will provide scientists with […]

Science Documentary B-Roll

This video is about two girls journey through Paradise

Forgery and the Crucible: Western Alchemy, Science, and Pseudoscience In this retro 2018 documentary film, historian Dan Attrell lays out some of the most virulent debates among historians of western alchemy, especially with respects to the question: “Was Alchemy a science or a pseudoscience?” Selected Bibliography: Ball, Philip. The Devil’s Doctor: Paracelsus and the World of Renaissance Magic and Science. New York: […]

Science Of Steroids (Documentary)

Over the better part of this century, athletes have sought to increase the natural performance of their bodies by using various means. And while most opted for the development of their muscle mass by using standard techniques, such as lifting weights, running, or other methods, some started taking to artificial substances, which rapidly promoted the […]

Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” in 20 Minutes explained – Soviet Science Documentary – ENG Fansub

Short, Clear and Simple Explanation for “Theory of Relativity” for Housewives and Rednecks : )


Hawaiians have always held a special place in their hearts for observing the stars. This documentary looks at Hawaii’s past relationship and current relationship with astronomy. Credit: NASA Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: