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Cristiano Ronaldo: Tested to the Limit

From director Mike McDowall comes Tested to the Limit, starring Cristiano Ronaldo. A documentary that tests Ronaldo to his limits. From his immense speed to his baffling power, it all gets tested. Castrol Edge Presents Ronaldo Tested to the Limit

Journey through the universe beyond the speed of light [HD]

Excellent documentary, mind blowing and superbly narrated. Enjoy Narrated by Alec Baldwin.

Science and the Swastika :The Deadly Experiment

TV series (2001) documentary. 4 episodes Director: Saskia Baron narrator : Sebastian Faulks ———————— Series examining science and morality during the Third Reich; the practice of eugenics and euthanasia in Nazi occupied Europe. source:

Ray Lewis Sport Science

Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Mlb brak a door whit the Body, in a devastating “Bull Rush” Hi, if you like football you should see the documentary also I made for my other youtube channel : Please put “I like”, leave a comment and subscribe to this and also my other channel “GHH PRODUCTION” : […]

God of Wonders: Scientists prove Almighty God’s existence through Science

This documentary shows the works of GOD Almighty through science and nature. No longer can non believers declare the non existence of God in Science. The scientists in this documentary are some of the highest reguarded in the scientific community. This wonderful documentary is great for families and friends. Enjoy.

A Science Odyssey: Mysteries of the Universe – Documentary

Part 2 of 5 – Complete serie A Science Odyssey here Subtitle available

From The Big Bang To The Present Day – 1080p Documentary HD (Advexon)

* Subscribe for more Scientific & Technological Videos * Like & Share * go to our website * Share your ideas and comment Big Bang Theory – The Premise The Big Bang theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe. Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown […]

What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism (Full Documentary)

What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism (Full Documentary). 2014 Education is a fundamental and importan part of today’s society and is becoming increasingly more accessible and convenient online. The availability of information which is also entertaining helps us grow as people both individually and as a whole. Documentaries are the […]

DNA Genesis – The Children Of Adam – National Geographic Documentary Films – Full HD Documentaries

The human genome project and the study of the genetic markers contained within DNA have now brought to light the story of man’s origins and his journey across the planet. This National Geographic documentary follows Dr Spencer Wells as he retraces that incredible journey. 4:1 O MANKIND! Be conscious of your Sustainer, who has created […]

Human Brain And Quantum Physics ( Science ) – Full Documentary HD

Human Brain And Quantum Physics – Full Documentary HD Human Brain And Quantum Physics. Credits to ATHENE’S the following documentary presents new developments in neuroscience and a solution to current unsolved problems in physics, Solely focused on scientifically verified data, it also has philosophical repercussions to life, death and the origins of universe. Dr. Granville […]