21st Century Hackers – Documentary 2018

21st Century Hackers – Documentary 2018
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Comment (149)

  1. What happens to the white hats when they lose their job? For that matter what happens to the anti virus and the cryptologists who are improving security when they lose their jobs?

  2. the virus did more than just put Sami is my hero it also added them all as friends and when he had over a million+ he tried deleting his account and ended up deleting every one of his friends accounts also

  3. I love how all the talk is of America being the target… as if America isn't the largest base of hacking in the world, not least government programs… 😂

  4. A lot of money with an XSS attack or an SQL injection haha..
    The temptation is great but no, i will stay White Hat forever.

  5. Hackers are useless.

    In an age where there is so much power concentrated on the internet, where corrupt governments put critical info and services on our internet to save money for themselves you would think that hackers would rule.

    Instead they are like Anon, talking shit about redundant shit and never accomplishing anything but a troll.

  6. Immediately frustrated with how the term white means good and black means bad. literally there are countless examples of this. I'm black and white so does that mean my white half is good and my black half is bad?


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