The Tallest Trees on Earth – 4K Nature Documentary Film | Redwood National and State Parks

Experience the magic of old growth redwood forests, where giant sequoias reach to the sky and tell their story to the Ocean, wind and air, as well as to the visitors of the park. Take in the beauty of the forest thanks to a new 4K Nature documentary film from and
Enjoy Redwood National and State Parks’ incredible landscapes, wildlife, geology, and learn the history of the area, interesting facts about these giant trees, about climate of the region and much more.
In “Redwood National and State Parks – The Tallest Trees” movie you will see Berry Glen Trail, Emerald Ridge and Tall Trees Trail, Skunk Cabbage Trail, Lady Bird Johnston Grove, West Ridge and Prairie Creek Trail, Coastal Trail with its Hidden Beach section and more.

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Comment (338)

  1. I remember my childhood climbing guava trees. But redwoods are a whole new league of their own. Thanks for showing this video. Let's continue to protect these trees, preserve them, and respect their ecosystem.

  2. I'm sure just about every logger and tree trimmer would like to run a saw through those trees and feed them to a wood chipper for a couple dollars.

  3. sweet heavens…these trees remind me of collosal katedral…oh,my mind feels like been in a ferrytale watching these extraordinary no word can describe creatures..-Our Herritage.

  4. Beautiful Video, Yes, But why all the plinky-plinky music.? Let us hear the sounds of the forest. Who needs the mood music? Please stick with the beauty of nature!!!
    I Am Frank

  5. Why can't people just enjoy the video instead of criticizing everything, bunch of jealous good for nothing bums that haven't done anything meaningful in their lives, I have watched this video countless times, I enjoy nature and the peace and tranquility it brings, the video is awesome.

  6. visited this place earlier this year in Crescent City, CA. it was one of the most peaceful times of my life

  7. where is this red wood forest? i need some red wood, would love to chope few of those beautiful trees down with my chainsaw!

  8. To call this a "documentary" is misleading. This was mostly a video brochure for tourists looking to visit the forest. There wasn't any substance to the content of the video–no real mention of the native cultures, loggers, miners, explorers and herders who once called this forest home. Nothing mentioned about the dozens of archaeological sites located in the forest, either, or the steps being taken to preserve the forest. There are very few general statistics about its actual ecosystem mentioned at all. So I wouldn't call this a documentary since there's very little educational value to it. But it's visually pleasing. (The sound track–especially the first 5 minutes–was enough to drive any person with misophonia into a homicidal rage, with all of that repetitive percussion, but that's a minor complaint). I was looking for something more educational. But thanks anyway for posting.

  9. I'd love to build an amusement park there complete with a shopping mall and a few McDonald's restaurants, all made of the local wood!!!!!


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