Journey to Egypt – 4K Nature Documentary Film with the Red Sea Views and Soothing Music

Wonderful 4K Nature Documentary Film about famous, popular and sunny Egypt from www.// and is a great way to visit the place where you’ve never been, or remind yourself about the beauty of the country you’ve once visited and enjoyed!
This is a wonderful film will take you on a shore of the Red Sea. Take in so calming and tranquil atmosphere, enjoy the views of the sea, and take a virtual tour into the depths of the Red Sea. Explore the underwater world together with our team!
This movie is a perfect TV screensaver with wonderful views, diverse scenery and underwater life! Open a new window to a new country! Sit back, relax and take in the gorgeousness of our world!
Remember that YouTube compresses video files, worsening their quality. We recommend downloading our 4K films and videos from
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Licensed misic used from
Around 4AM by One More Time
South Cross Prayer by
Andrea Tonoli – Met By The Moonlight
Blue Rainy Morning by Duffmusiq –
Around the World
City Of Lights by Duffmusiq –
Around the World
Baker St by Duffmusiq – Midnight Stories
Sunrise by Duffmusiq – Around the World
Summer Rain by Duffmusiq – Soulleash
Clear Sky by Around Us
Dawn by Salt Of The Sound –
Echoes Of Wonder
Day Drunk by Amparo – Singles
Unplanned Run by The French Connection
Not Enough by Avi Goldfinger

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  1. Чудесная музыка. Там бы поселиться навсегда….моя мечта…какие виды..супер.


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