German reunification – A short history | DW Documentary

The fall of the Berlin Wall changed the course of history overnight. But German Reunification was never a guarantee. The situation could have spiraled out of control at any moment. Find out more in 2 + 4 + X: A SHORT HISTORY OF GERMAN REUNIFICATION.

West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl took advantage of the chaos during this turbulent time. His 10-point plan paved the way for the reunification of a divided Germany – but this was done behind the backs of the Allied Forces. Those who witnessed the events tell the story of the “2+4” negotiations and rocky road the world took to reunite the GDR with the West.


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Comment (138)

  1. Great review of the much needed reunification – the gouvernements in Europe were in their usual conservative mood, i.e. institutional sclerosis. The people in Germany but I believe my generation – born in the 1970s – never considered the Cold War divide a normal situation. Thanks DW to share those moments as the french TV at the time was far from being a transparent media to report this great moment of history. Long live a free Germany.

  2. It would be really helpful if the name of the documentary in German was in the description box. Looking for it all over and not able to find it, and watching it with English voice over is irritating if one understands the language spoken in the "background".

  3. This was a very thorough and objective documentary, but it understated how this was ultimately the metaphorical conclusion of the World Wars.

  4. They all tried to restrict the progress of Germany but as we all can see now economy of Europe relies on Germany. Germany was totally devastated after world war but the progress there after is totally astonishing that’s because German people are very hard working. Respect

  5. Sorry guys, but the idea that London or especially Paris had any veto over what Washington, Moscow or the Germans themselves wanted is ridiculous.

  6. please make a documentary about the east berlin techno and youth movements, pre and post the wall, which was a brilliant spark that set off and spilled over as a mass movement in less than 12 odd years..

  7. East Germany had an excellent social services sector! …Yes, they made mistakes because of central economic planning but all was not bad.

  8. West Germany prospered  as east Germany  fell back to Russian level of communism as they them selves gone nowhere until they broke out of communism, then the Deutsch Mark became the Euro,Germany was doing well because the world wanted there products, but countries like Greece  and others got deep in debt with the help of American Goldman Sachs and America screw the world over with the Petrodollar and now waiting to collapse.

  9. i still remember well when i was 2 years old, i saw on tv the wall is broken…. and now its still fresh within my memories…. long live germany

  10. I miss these days when the endings felt just and happy and ideas like freedom and equality were more prized. We have somewhat failed to live up to the example that was set.

  11. The same year of 1989, it was a great historic time to celebrate for Germany but sad for Chinese democracy movement. Many was killed by Chinese Communist Party in June.

  12. Worst thing that ever happened a lot of East Germans thought the grass was greener on the other side it was not only the worst kind of Darwinism Capitalism .
    The Americans talk about freedom they will never understand the wall was put up to keep the capitalist vulture out the idiots in a country where the richest 10% Own 85% of all Americas Wealth .

  13. It is very clear that Helmut Kohl was the man of the hour. Without his vision and his equanimity, reunification would have been delayed and compromised. I actually met Kohl one sunny afternoon in 1990 or 1991, when he was visiting San Francisco. A luxury bus with German flags came down Columbus Avenue and it stopped close by. Kohl got out, every one of us went wild applauding him. He came to us to shake everyone's hand. He looked as delighted as we were. His hands were enormous — no real surprise because he was a giant (6 feet 4 inches tall).

  14. Little did these people know that their work is been undone by their Future leaders by 25 years, that their German Chancellor Merkel hated the German Flag waving by her government ministers and have sold out Germany to invaders migrants that wants to destroy German people values. People in Germany own values are been used against them and Germany is now been destroyed not by the invaders, but by German own people fearful off been called racists.

  15. You have to laugh at the stereotypical British politician mould guy on here, "Oh Thatcher looked paranoid but she wasn't" … "Publicly Britain seemed against reunification but privately we were very helpful". As ever, detached from the politics and feelings of the people in their own country and elsewhere.


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