Artificial Intelligence CREATIVITY Documentary 2018 HD

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IBM Research Director Arvind Krishna on the company’s Project Debater.
Ann O’Dea, Silicon Republic Co-Founder and CEO, Inspirefest Founder Prof Simon Colton, Professor of Computational Creativity in the Department of Computing of Goldsmiths College, University of London Dr Aldo Faisal, Director of the Brain & Behaviour Analytics Lab, Senior Lecturer in Neurotechnology, Imperial College London François Pachet, Director of Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab Prof. Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), chair in Artificial Intelligence in the Departments of Computing and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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  1. …let's deal on AI.  Period, not title, diplomats and degrees as well as places of work.  Please: AI and how it works, what you or some institution had created and where to go to get that creation.  Which companies has it and what others geographical locations are using it to intrude on users.  Things like that. Its future and your experience in success.  Not to offend you. But go to the point in "Published on Jun 24, 2018"


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