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  2. nope, lust is not a sin nor is it divine, its a concept. i look at men with multiple wives and lovers as well as women who practice polyandry. it is not a bad thing but religion makes all things it doesn't like into bad things. they just do what they want and force people to accept it too. in america, natives dress lightly and sometimes they go stark naked, to them its just normal being naked, it is not an evil thing but the europeans see it as sinful and changed it. same thing happened with the aztecs, it has something to do with the culture of the area, how they think, how they were made to think, immediately, conquistadors saw it as sinful. christians and variants of christianity think of the things they don't want and turn it into a sin that god prohibits. as you know we still went back on it, being nudists. why? because lust is a concept or a state of mind but not a sin. we became lustful because we want to leave as many descendants with different genes in order to create a better offspring. nobody practice incest too much because it leaves behind a weaker genes. we are a species and we live according to the law of nature, regardless of whether we believe in it or not. welcome to reality, where your opinions don't matter. as long as it creates a much better offspring for the next generation, and allow our species to move forward, it will find away. nature always wins in the end, screw religious beliefs…

  3. This is wrong Jesus said the wages of sin is death so gtfo not hell Jesus’s doesn’t and would not make a permit hell because he is a merciful god all you do is pay for your crime aka sin then it’s all over forever.

  4. Cleo x Deuce – Pride

    Manny x Iris – Gluttony

    Clawd x Draculaura – Lust

    Jacob x Toralei – Sloth

    Frankie x Neighthan – Anger

    Slow Moe x Ghoulia – Envy

    Operetta x Jonny – Greec

    Spectra x Rocco – Greed

  5. This may sound like a dumb question but are the seven deadly sins listed in any actual order? By that I mean would lust be considered worse than say sloth?

  6. Have a good time people but not too much of a good time is the fear is being installed in us. Live and have a good time but don't get into trouble, life's too short to live in fear if worrying about being judged.

  7. Jesus never said we would go to hell if we were not saved. he said that if we follow the ways of satan and bow to him, we will burn in the lake of fire. hell and the lake of fire are different things.

  8. confession comes from Jesus sending apostles out to forgive sins you would have had to tell them your sins this documentary is inaccurate

  9. I wouldn't call lust my sin. My sins are at times sloth and gluttony. Gluttony due to my preoccupation of calorie counting, not overeating, and Sloth led me here to watch Youtube documentaries. ^_^~

  10. 'it often enters through someone having been sexually abused'…yeah,blame the survivor. As a survivor,I find that statement repugnant.

  11. What is funny that without these sins we won't be human anymore.
    Lust – Without it, there would be no reproduction.
    Envy – Is here to guide us to what we really want.
    Gluttony – If it's referring only to food and drink. Then we can do without it. But I still want to be a chef.
    Sloth – Not sure how to tackle my biggest sin yet. Carry on.
    Greed – Without it, there would be no desire. No movement forward. Humanity would just stop in one place.
    Anger – One cannot exist without the other. Without anger, we simply wouldn't know what love is.
    Pride – Is self-esteem. If you think you're worthless then… We know the answer to that through the open window on the 10th floor. (I mean suicide)

  12. The guy who is being exorcise was feeling uncomfortable not because he's being exorcise but because of the weight of the book being pushed against his chest and head

  13. Confusing people with that lust of power and greed,! from that of healthy physical nourishment provided within consent people need,! Just like Jesus showed to have had a fetish with giving pleasure of most likely to have been beautiful feet,! To have been someone with intimacy consent unlike this Pope kissing a complete stranger within a wheelchair for his power of greed,! Christianity was not a invention of Jesus,nor any other related believes,!

  14. Lust, another lethal sin that can lead us to eternal darkness, Hell. I have a girlfriend and whenever I see her, usually my sexual hormones get out of control. She asked me if I had sexual intercourse and I said no. But I did take sex education in high school. One time, I was at a formal dance and during the dance, she kissed me on the lips. After what she did, my penis started to erect. I successfully refrained from my sexual desires. My life is a complex. Meaning that I enjoy having a girlfriend and being with her but as a Catholic Christian, I must refrain from any sexual desires. The practice of sexual abstinence. As long I refrain from sexual intimacy and stay loyal, pure, immaculate. Nothing sinful will stand in my way.

  15. we are saved by grace just trust the shed blood of the Messiah Jesus Christ then you have God's gift of eternal life 😃

  16. how the fuck do you get to marijuana. .. it's got fuckall to do with religion or sin.. that hairless idiot needs a smack. .

  17. Exorcist, beyond the door or beyond the green door .the blob, the stuff again different colours of goo. Remember the original blob was green and stuff was always a pinkish colour .

  18. If anyone is curious of what is going on to this day can check out the Cern videos from various youtuberd. Try to search for those who are interested , Cern 666 mark of the beast. You get to hear about other people's opinions what the folklore religions represent and also believe in as a time warp contraption. I'll tell you a little bit about the cern it brings out dark matter. See the show smallville watch brainiac. See outcasts, watch the liquid that comes out of people during a exorcism and before a exorcism. Watch Conjuring One the liquid that pours into the mothers mouth and then she gets possessed. And watch X files series . Look for any of the episodes featuring black goo. Transformers 1 the black cube. Hell raiser Black cube

  19. The History channel provides some accurate information but not completed information of all resources if they did they could simply lose their time slot. So whose in power? You or something or someone else? Jessie Ventura tried the spirits of people to see where it would lead him. It lead me cancellation of his show. When he was really digging deep about Area 51 . Although Area 51 was already uncovered as the seal was taken off of that envelope in the 1980's when it was revealed the government announced Area 51 existed. The Art Bell Show had a slight interview with a man claiming that aliens are not west we think they are like from other planets but their in fact intermentional beings. Then latter on after Art Bell suffers a huge power outage a man calls the show latter on and claims he was making it all up and sounding pretty close to the original caller. The Art Bell interview can be heard on YouTube if it still is on YouTube .

  20. Why the Roman Catholic Church, and the seperation of churches are losing their balances and most of these churches are crumbling to this day, and people are resigning from membership or leaving . If a pastor becomes too popular among the flock,I noticed he can easily be voted out by an antagonist with in the church. It's really messed up when a Elder or assistant pastor is afraid of losing power and so they decide to remove the competition. Again to remind the pastors who founded this or elders or someone who has been called but not chosen. This is why your not chosen because you made sure to remove the other one who has more of a following because of your jealousy which we'll be your down fall. How many people know this does not just happen in church but also even in college highschool jr high , grade school and anyone who is in a teaching area or a leadership role. Know this someone is always after your job.

  21. Their are people who claim to be Christian who nit pick the bible and put in or add what they want it to personally say to them. Their are people who claim to be Christ believers or Faith believers who know nothing about what they preach. Their are people who claim their Christians who would sale their souls for rock n roll and even encourage others to do the same. These guys and ladies fit in the term serving God and mammon, you heard the saying I like to have my cake and eat it too.


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