ALGORITHM – The Hacker Movie (2014) with English Subtitles | Full HD | Thug Life

Watch the documentary movie on Hackers.
The techniques they use, how they hack & why they hack.


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  1. Hate movies trying to sell adeas like the author had small time to think of all (i like coding n hack. Dont like the way you sorrounded the subject of Algorithm) still a great movie. Intuitive

  2. This is just like innovative movie it give us lot of technical word through we can improve own communication

  3. This movie has a lot of good, real information on how these systems work. I just wish he didn't call himself luser (l-user). That's not how that's pronounced. It's pronounced "loser." It's a pejorative coined by the sysadmins on the old DARPA timeshare systems for a user with low permissions. At least get the history right. How much would it bring you out of your suspension of disbelief if I had a character state that JFK lost his second election?

  4. If you're a computer geek like me and you understand all of the computer terms and such, you'd find this movie very entertaining. I understand how it may be boring to some because they simply don't know as much about computers, which is totally fine, but it is a great movie.

  5. Okay… So, everyone helped this dude with finding this 'shepherd' and even he got password just like that and he is good hacker?? What a shitty movie xD


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