History Channel: Hitler’s Henchmen – Heinrich Himmler: The Executioner

Documentary series about the most influential people in Nazi Germany

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  1. ss doctor: we killed them so they don't suffer.
    then i'll make you suffer and then i kill you to prevent the suffering, how's that sound?

  2. To whomever watches this, please don't take it as fact, especially regarding the death of Himmler. Instead, check out the facts, they will surprise you. He was murdered by the British to avoid his going to trial.

  3. All the National socialist party commanders ( God bless their souls ) had a higher education and they came from a Sophisticated society…

  4. That is not how Himmler died. That is a lie. He was beaten to death and strangled. Not that I have any remorse or sympathy for this action, but they killed him by beating him to death. This British officer is lying to you. In fact, the man that's recounting the story is actually the one that beat Himmler to death….

  5. andra folket 22:12 become RACE … the houle ww2 translation seems caputt …. we can have 100 LINGWISTIC to see that is a error … what ever is there intetions

  6. "THE FIRST GENOCIDE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY TOOK PLACE IN GERMAN SOUTH WEST AFRICA " EXTRACT FROM WIKIPEDIA:- From 1904 to 1907, the Herero and the Namaqua took up arms against brutal German colonialism. In calculated punitive action by the German occupiers, what has been called the 'first genocide of the Twentieth Century' was committed, as government officials ordered extinction of the natives.[25] In the Herero and Namaqua genocide, the Germans systematically killed 100,000 Nama (half the population) and approximately 650,000 Herero (about 80% of the population).[26][27] The survivors, when finally released from detention, were subjected to a policy of dispossession, deportation, forced labour, racial segregation, and discrimination in a system that in many ways anticipated the apartheid established by South Africa in 1948.
    Most Africans were confined to so-called native territories, which later under South African rule after 1949 were turned into "homelands" (Bantustans). Indeed, some historians have speculated that the German genocide in Namibia was a model used by Nazis in the Holocaust.[28] The memory of genocide remains relevant to ethnic identity in independent Namibia and to relations with Germany.[29] The German government formally apologized for the Namibian genocide in 2004.[30] FUCKING GERMANS JUST GO AROUND KILLING PEOPLE

  7. History Channel is a New World Order propaganda outlet. The Rothschild empire was built on theft of nations through usury, unscrupulous lying, mass deception, and mass murder. Do not be deceived by this slanderous smear job of a documentary.

  8. He was a fucking coward . He went to one camp and saw the killing . He got sick. If there is a hell he is burning in it .

  9. JUdens time will come again when they check there ear lobs and measure skulls 🙂 then there will be no more pension stealing housing market crashes and no more playing racist card 🙂

  10. Even the most shallow research will show, SA and SS were fundamentally different organisations. 3:50 into the movie and complete nonsense is being told. Didn't waste time to continue watching. The thumbnail is Reinhard Heydrich, not Heinrich Himmler.


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