FBI Criminal Files Documentary- Jehovah Witness Family

Documentary about Jehovah Witness family murdered

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  1. This seems to have been molded into a platform for bashing religion. I was friends with a woman who happened to be a Jehovah's Witness, several years ago. She was someone I take to be a really good representation of organized religion. She had been married 3 times, and knew her life wasn't perfect, but she still aspired to make it better. I asked her once if she felt that her religion helped her, and she said it did. When she focused on adhering to the message of her faith, she felt she was a better person. She tried her best not to gossip or insult anyone, she endeavored to be non-judgemental and tried to keep her mind open to more than one side of things. Of all the people I've met over the years who espouse religious conviction, she was one of the kindest, most genuine people I've ever known. She didn't behave as though her beliefs made her better than anyone else; in fact she lived her life modestly and was a very calm person. I didn't get a sense of bitterness that seems to radiate from so many people these days. Many, many others who have principles (ostensibly) rooted in religion, act like utter shits.

    That aside, this guy may have been an active Jehovah's Witness for a time, but it was apparently lip service. The family annihilator is what they call ones like this, and deservedly so. I think he was sick of dealing with the pressures of a family, and this was all he could come up with to extricate himself. There's a serious lack of moral fibre, backbone and conscience, but it has nothing to do with religious affiliation or lack thereof. This is his character. Of the available options, he chose to wipe out his family and seemed, for the most part, able to lie to everyone and escape without any remorse. The babies…..that made me bawl. Kids, very young ones in particular, are so trusting and could not have seen this coming. I think the wife must have been killed first and she probably knew what would
    happen to the children. This is so incredibly sad.

  2. Anyone who commits crimes against children have no souls. This is one of the most atrocious cases I have ever seen. There is NO reason for taking an innocent child's life. Anyone capable of hurting a child has no place in society and forfeits his/her own meaningless, worthless, and soulless life. Killing his beautiful, young wife and their 3 children is just too horrendous. Coward could have just left them instead of killing them.

  3. ' mum got into the truth , ' no religion is in no way the truth – christianity being a vile example of garbage and jehova witness is one of the most evil of the christian cults .

  4. Info concerning JW's based on facts: They never refer to their religious buildings as a church, only as a Kingdom Hall. Chris was responsible for his conduct and was disciplined and held responsible for his actions, not his wife. He was disfellowshiped as part of his discipline for his conduct and attitude. If he was repentant for what he did, he had steps or procedures in which to bring himself into a good standing before his heavenly father ' Jehovah God' and the congregation. His wife would never be shunned because of what her husband did, but if she was aware of it and kept silent! She would receive the same discipline. However, it appeared she didn't know. He did not conduct himself as a true JW's, but chose to continue criminal activities and including Murder of his beautiful family. He now has to face the consequences of his actions like anyone else in the similar situation. He's references to the condition of his family as being "a sleep". He didn't clarify and I will. He was speaking as Jesus referred to his friend Lazarus, John 11:11-14 "….I am journeying there to awaken from sleep'…' Lazarus has died.' Eccl. 9:5 "The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all." Also, Chris new of the resurrection that Jesus spoke of and actually did on earth. John 5:28,29: "Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice [the voice of Jesus] and come out." Therefore, His wife and children will be resurrected too a paradise condition on earth and have the opportunity to live forever in peace! To get more facts about Jehovah's Witness go to JW.org. It's important to have the facts before doing a documentary and produce misleading info.

  5. There’s obvious wrong representations of how Jehovah’s Witnesses handle matters. An innocent person is NEVER held accountable for someone else’s wrong doing AND we don’t call our congregations ‘church’! As so shunning guilty unrepentant wrongdoers, society has its own form of dealing guilty offenders. It’s called jail, and prison and human courts even sentence some to death. Our creator has the right to tell us how to handle guilty, unrepentant wrong doers. Those guidelines are listed in the Bible. 1Corinthians5:13

  6. Stop dragging our name through the mud. Be glad jehovah is a loving and merciful God and won't strike dead right now after u talk such horrible a things bout his ppl😡

  7. As a person who was forced into this cult as a child, I can tell you that they are bigots, selfish, jerks. When I was 13, I refused to go anymore.
    Most of them are drug addicts and alcoholics.

  8. btw Just for the record 40k cases of child sexual abuse reported in Australia since 2013. Christians, catholics and yes JWs…. you are just as mentally fouled as the rest of them. Cults that is…

  9. So short sighted. Religion always plays its part. Time and time and time again horrendous things have been done by religiously deluded people. Ed Gein, List, even Kemper. You think all of you are saints, study your history. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    As for the JWs they are a cult, like every other cult. I will say from personal experiences much more deluded than most. Your "leader/founder" was a real conman. He lived in a multi-million dollar mansion, while the early faithful sheep slept in their cars. You swallow it, too tainted for me….

  10. He had complete control over her as well as her religious beliefs. She probably was also in denial about him but remember what kind of person he was; he lied about everything.

  11. Why is their religion even mentioned in this video? I am sure most people have religious backgrounds and their religious beliefs are never apart of their stories. It seems to me this is just a reason to slam their religion which has nothing to do with his crime. In fact they were disfellowshiped by the JWs. I don't get the connection except that they once we're a part of them.. In any case this is a sad and sick man

  12. Title is misleading. What does this have to do with Jehovah's Witnesses? If he was another religion would it even have been mentioned? He's a piece of crap and got what he deserved. Leave religion out of it.

  13. Many of these comments are from long ago or ignorant people in the congregation giving very unchristian advice. No man is protected from being abusive to his family nor is ANY family member required to stay with ANYONE in their family who is abusive. Nobody who has a marriage mate that is shunned by the congregation is affected in any way by this shunning. I had a best friend in this situation. People with a false sense of spirituality give ridiculous advice all the time. Doesn’t mean that their religious organization supports their beliefs. These people just happened to be JW’s. Could have been anybody with mental illness. JW’s are not Jesus Christ in the flesh. They are not perfect and suffer the maladies other people do. If you want to know about JW’s ask someone who is active, not someone who is disgruntled and has left. Would you ask a defected US citizen in a communist land what democracy is all about?

  14. I have the same intolerance for Jehovah's Witness cult as apparently most people but this has nothing to do with them (or even religion). The title's implication is extremely unfair. The TV company would certainly be sued for putting a racial epithet in the title so why is this allowed? It is just to get us watch and sadly it works

  15. Monster kills all his family because he's broke and wants to donate his evil organs who would take them just burn them.

  16. Everyone please stop making a big deal about the fact that they we're disfelloshipped Jehovah's witnesses. It has absolutely nothing to do with the malicious actions of this man. Is the jw religion sexist? Yes but so is every other religion. No matter what organized religion you look at your always going to find mosogynistic undertones. I'm saying all of this with the knowledge of multiple religions. I've been to many different churches and know that they're all the same. But let me ask this if this family had been Catholic or mainstream Christian would this video get so much flack? No no it wouldn't

  17. Very said, wish we had public help for those in need – families in need. so many sad stories because of inability to make ends meet

  18. You guys have to understand that they are human like you and me they make mistakes they're not immortal. BTW they're not a cult. They don't worship the devil. And the guy who did that wasn't a real Jehovah witness he was just hidden in it. If you guys haven't never meet one or have a conversation with them don't speak bad about them. Cause the Catholic church has done more mess up things through out history.


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