Hackers Wanted Full Documentary (DVDRip)

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  1. The government says "Real patriots don't hack".  I say, "Real Governments have systems that are NOT vulnerable to attack from cyber terrorists!".  In the world that we live in now, we truly need hackers like Adrian Lamo, and hackers like him should be taken seriously and companies should take his information to heart and tighten up security so that the wrong people can't hack in.  If they simply go after the hacker, and do nothing to fix the vulnerability, then they are leaving the door open to cyber terrorists. 

  2. The U.S. Government is a vacuum cleaner with out an off switch. This will surly lead to a break down unless the citizens pull the plug and repair.

  3. If you think the CIA is working with that scumbag Bashar, somebody sold you a very bad bill of goods. (btw, the US is sending money to the FSA) Duh!

  4. Yes, al queda, the goat herding, illiterate mujahideen (who are currently serving the CIA's goals in Syria) might hack our power grids someday, and we better keep that in mind….fuck you Kevin Spacey


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