Whitney Houston’s brother, sister-in-law on shocking revelations in new documentary

“Whitney” takes a look at the music icon’s tumultuous life, including her drug addiction, with never-before-seen home movies and revelations from her inner circle.

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  1. Some of us humans believe all their problems would be solved by money. It didn't help her, Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley, Vernon Troyer, Robin Williams, River Phoenix, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade,…shall I go on? Break the cycle of addiction and be educated about mental illness. xoxoxo

  2. Snakes…nothing but snakes. Every time I turn around, there's a new, scandalous and slanderous movie about Auntie. And then y'all try to smooth it out w/ the whole we hope to help out other families that are going through this. That's some bullshit and you know it, Pat. Everything that she wanted us to know, she told us on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Even though she didn't give accurate and specific timelines, she still told us everything that most people already knew. Give her a break, damn. Nobody would know anything if it weren't for "the family" telling all of her business. Remember, Y'ALL did that. We just want to protect her legacy, but for some odd reason, y'all cain't keep a damn secret to save y'all fonky ass lives. Hell, as soon as she did something, it would curiously end up in the tabloids faster than she could say abracadabra. Her drugs dealers done snitched her out and gave specific dollars amounts of what she spent on X-Y-Z. I mean, DAMN! Snakes and snitches is what y'all muthafuckas is. Let me stop… Y'all done got my goat now.

  3. Overdose victims and suicide victims and murder victims never actually do experience an afterlife.
    The NRA would yell you otherwi$e.

  4. She is Evil ! Evil ! Evil ! One day I will speak Up ! I know I will ! She is not Houston ! She is Pat Garland !!! Not Houston !

  5. People should know how drugs brought down one if the best singers if all time. Let it be a warning to all others to not let it destroy you.

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  7. She has passed away she’s not coming back she committed suicide does she not? She died in the world in the lust there of You cannot serve God and money… Eternity is a long time to be without the Lord God Almighty Jesus

  8. When is Pat going to go away?? She doesn't do herself any favors with these interviews. Pat and her incompetent family failed Whitney. They were getting a paycheck and failed to do their jobs.

  9. In her interviews she is elegance ,but there is a strong look in her eyes,if you only new,and you wouldn’t get it.

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  11. As a survivor, I know in my heart, if someone had validated their experience and helped them heal, we'd still have that dear beautiful woman with us. God rest her soul.
    Bless her brother for telling truth that needed to be told.
    Bless all survivors suffering in silence.
    It's not our shame.
    It's the perpetrators.

  12. If only they could let her rest in peace…
    it’s so sad. She was lost and it all ended in tragedy. Isn‘t that enough? Now a new documentary to show more dirty laundry 🙈 and to make money or get lot‘s of attention

  13. Oh FFS…Pat thinks she could have saved Bobbi Kris? She’s the one responsible for their demise!

    What a snake!

  14. Molestation is something that is kept quiet in the black community really all ethnic communities that should be talked more about, I was molested and it's a horrible feeling, subconsciously it takes a toll on you if you don't recognize the disease and get rid of it.


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