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Liquid Bomb Plot is the incredible true story of the surveillance operation that stopped a fatal disaster and saved thousands of lives.

It’s August 2006. A UK terrorist cell plans to launch suicide bombs that would have resulted in the world’s largest and deadliest attack since 9/11.

The plot involved exploding devices disguised as soft drinks and, if it had succeeded, would have blown planes from the sky killing 2,000 people in a single night. The failed plan has changed the nature of UK air travel to this very day – with restrictions still in place on the amount of liquid passengers can carry.

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Comment (1,203)

  1. all because of oil.  and messing with the promise of democracy in other countries, by getting the democratically elected leaders out of the way and installing evil dictators who are willing to play ball with western governments.  the west isn't exactly innocent in all this, either.

  2. The Pakistanis hate the British and yet we allow millions to live here, they always talk about revenge.

  3. What a waste of money and time, just use the resources to return all these people home to Pakistan then the problem is solved permanently

  4. It’s amazing how stupid British islamists always sound. They speak with this "I never went to skool but I fink Allah is da greatest innit" combination of cockney, Bradford and generic immigrant accent.

  5. So the CIA thinks Pakistan is one of Americas allies? It's one thing to say they are, its pretty naive to believe they are.

  6. America saves the day once again! Proud to be American. DISSAPOINTED IN BUSH for not preventing 9/11 tho.

  7. The minute anyone refers back to "9/11" as being the impetus for something or someone, I have to laugh…"9/1/1" was a "Inside job" by the United States itself, to justify and start a number of things, not the least being increased observation and surveillance of the US and ultimately, the worlds people, under the banner of "Stopping Terrorism", thus giving birth to such useless entities as the TSA ect. It was also,ultimately, the reason for invading Iraq, so Bush Jr could finish Daddy's war for him.
    Anyone who believes, for one second, this was a foreign attack, against the U.S. because, well, "Terrorism", is a fool. Do some research and independent reading. Dont blindly believe what mass-media institutions feed you. Stop being 'Sheeple', and become a informed citizen. This is coming FROM a veteran, who got sucked into this stupid bunch of bullshit, when the people we should have been killing were right here, in our own government.

  8. Stop Islam being practised on our beautiful shores
    Halt Muslim immigration. It's a poison in our system

  9. Could have field-executed these individuals in incidents made to look like muggings gone wrong, drug overdoses or RTAs with fatal MVCs with commensurate ease.
    Taxpayers saved and saved millions for their future warehousing costs.
    Missed a trick?

  10. Muslims and islam don't belong in the west its a violent totalitarian fascist ideology created as a direct powerplay by Arab supremacists Christian and jew haters which belongs back in the 7th century and unlike Judaism and Christianity refuses to change with the enlightenment we have found in modern times! It's intolerance towards other religions and minorities and the misogynistic way it controls the lives of its womenfolk to the point where they are seen as no more than property, that's an antithesis to Western sensibilities about individual freedom, freedom of thought and freedom of speech, freedom of Assembly and freedom of religion under common law. OIL and WATER 101

  11. Pakistan are good partners???
    Is this Yank kidding ? Or stupid?
    Pakistan ARE NOT friends with anyone. They ARE the biggest threat to the West. They totally hate the USA even though they are or seem to be in good terms
    The IS I according to many ARE doing all they can to undermine everything connected with terrorism ….. Hells Bell's !!! They hid the world's most wanted man for years bin Lardin
    No this Yank is dangerous to the US and Britain for claiming things about Pakistan…. Every country arou Nd Pakistan know the back stabbing of Pakistan to the West Yet America still claim them nice friends….No wonder the terrorist get away with so much Its insane to trust the US if they think Pakistan are friends


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