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Joseph Bullman’s keenly observed documentary follows entrepreneur Neil Smither as he races from crime scene to crime scene in his 24 hour a day job

In California, when a person dies, it is the responsibility of the owner of the house or apartment where they lived to clean up any mess that may have resulted from their demise.

There is currently no government agency in California to clean up what’s left behind after a crime has been committed, creating a gap in the market for Crime Scene Cleaners. Neil Smither is a new kind of entrepreneur, with an annual turnover of close to one million dollars he is the founder and president of a company which has been in operation for five years.

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Comment (5,845)

  1. Before you start commenting on how unprofessional he is. remember some of us are just trying to deal with the trama. Military. doctors. Medics we all have a sick humor that starts and some just become assholes.

  2. Be careful…you are maybe going to ruin your business if you criticize your customers after you do
    The job. You don’t know these people. Don’t call them names. Keep your mouth shut before and after.

  3. Sure that guy is obviously completely desensitized from all the stuff he’s seen. But he’s a misogynistic and homophobic scumbag. Doesn’t matter he cleans up dead bodies he’s so disrespectful everyone and especially his girlfriend!!

  4. This abominable MORBID creature who owns CRIME SCENE CLEANERS in CALIFORNIA has absolutely NO RESPECT for the HUMANITY of the victims and the victims’s FAMILIES.

    He’s publicly Singing, Joking, Jumping up in JOY for the prospect of new BUSINESS then publicly Antagonizing the memory of a victim of suicide, INSIDE the victim’s OWN HOME!

    This guy bears many behavior traits of the most dangerous mental illness there is: PSYCHOPATHY.

    It’s infuriating to realize that the EXECUTIVE-PRODUCER of REAL STORIES, as well as ALL of the other EXECUTIVE-PRODUCERS of ALL of the other MEDIA VEHICLES propagating the Abominable Behavior of this Morbid Psychopath through all media niches Worldwide are either COMPLICIT or FAILED MISERABLY at MONITORING the DIRECTOR and the Production DAILIES!

    Where were the VP’s of DISTRIBUTION when it came to VETTING specific episodes featuring this morbid Psychopath?!?!
    I’m all for our Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech, but there must be a Moral Scale when it comes to the memory of the dead.

  5. I don't think this man had someone he loved hooked on drugs and hate themselves for it. He talks a good game about how well he handles taking care of a death scene but his actions and words tell me he's close to breaking. He has faith that his girlfriend won't leave so he mistreats her in his own frustrations. Tries to keep it all about the money.

  6. Why would you even consider sharing a documentary where the cleaning guy is so disrespectful for the dead and has no feelings for those watching??? This should be banned from YouTube!

  7. The brother clearly wasn’t close to his sister, nothing weird about his behavior. He’s angry, I understand it. He will feel remorse once his anger goes away.

  8. This guy is a creep and extremely unprofessional. I'd clean it up myself before I called this loser.

  9. Just love the driving with both hands with phones to his ears! He's gonna end up killing someone with his careless driving! And yes he is disrespectful to the deceased whether that's how he handles dealing with death scenes but time and place! Not while filming a documentary about his business!

  10. Maybe he insults the victims as a form of cope?
    Also the way he acts around his fiancé is kinda adorable:)

  11. If any of you would watch to the end, you would realize he's actually not a bad guy… he has a job to do and it's definitely no ordinary job. You have to become numb in order to do a job like that for so long.

  12. As an ex cop I know what the nature of this kind of work is like and you develop a very dark sense of humour. However, if you are on camera making a documentary about what you do it is far from acceptable to conduct yourself like this douche did. Poor attitude, disrespectful and overall came across like an unprofessional jerk wad!

  13. The only descent, respectful men working for him(that I saw) were the men working at the scene of the sister’s suicide in the bath.

  14. It would help if you were more respectful and less flippant. These are people that have DIED arsehole!

  15. I don't know man, this guy is pretty unhinged, wouldn't be surprised if he was involved in a murder case at some point but he's the prime suspect.

  16. This crime scene guy is a dirt bag but… omg guess it takes a different person to deal with this type of job. His job really has made him bitter with humanity. It makes sense. Here is a gem quote from him: "what is it about being a dirtbag… that necessitates you doing it in the dark." My man is bitter. yikes.

  17. What is wrong with this crime scene clean up guy ? He is so disrespectful to everyone … success has to gone to his head I think ..

  18. I know someone exactly like this. He’s definitely a douchebag. They’re all the same. Different person but the same attitude. If you personally know one you’ll get it. Not met one, but know one. You’ll know what I mean.


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