Artificial intelligence Next Step Documentary 2018 HD

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  1. Why would an advanced AI not at some point determine that mankind is a parasite and that it either has to change its entire natural element and the way it interacts with the Earth or it must be exterminated? It will do this in to ensure its own existence. Just like they said before it will look at us the way we look at ants. It won't even be concerned with what we're doing until we become so destructive and we becomes a threat to its existence and then it will exterminate us just like we can exterminate an ant hill. I know what these people are doing. they wouldn't be concerned with what everybody else is concerned about the dangers of this if there were nothing true about it. They're simply trying to seduce the population because they have found their path in life they believe. If you take this away from them they won't know what to do with themselves. This is The Offspring of the Fallen offering the exact same deal they have again and again as they try to set themselves up as gods


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