Documentaries | D Tom Dumican | UK, 2018

“A riveting dive into a case that tests Americans’ commitment to religious tolerance, Tom Dumican’s No Greater Law asks if Idaho should keep allowing children to die of easily treatable illnesses because their parents believe medicine is the work of Satan.” – The Hollywood Reporter
The Followers of Christ believe medicine is the tool of Satan, a practice invented by humanity to waylay God’s plan for us. Only true faith will heal and save those He has made sick. But when the sick are young children dying of easily cured diseases, are we supposed to just sit back and watch? And if we intervene here, then where does it stop?
Provocative, nuanced and scrupulously even-handed, No Greater Law is a challenging and captivating depiction of our political pieties from first-time feature documentarian Tom Dumican. A fascinating insight into an alien way of life that deftly humanises the unthinkable, No Greater Law defies easy categorisation or rationalisation and promises to leave you debating the outcome long after you leave the cinema.
“A must-see for anyone concerned with First Amendment and child-abuse laws; it’s also the most thoroughly engrossing doc of its kind since Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky’s Brother’s Keeper.”– Village Voice

Tickets on sale 13 July

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