The Private Life of Deer – Amazing Nature Documentary (HD)

The Private Life of Deer – Amazing Nature Documentary (HD)

Whitetailed deer seem to be always around us, whether they’re grazing alongside our roadways, feasting on plants in our backyards or darting into the woods, though these “neighbors” do like to protect their privacy. While other species may be negatively impacted by human development, it is just the opposite for the whitetails. “We as humans have created pretty much the perfect habitat for deer,” explains Dr. Jay Boulanger, who coordinates Cornell University’s Deer Research and Management Program. “These are areas that have a wide diversity of plants that deer can eat, versus, say, a rural forest.”

Just a century ago, there were less than a million deer in North America. Today, there are nearly 30 million. The Private Life of Deer looks at how these wild deer interact with one another, and how they adapt to living in a suburban environment.

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  1. Hunting and being in a sport are two different things, I know people hunt deer ok cool but when you hunt something you don't hunt it just to hang it's head on a wall, You hunt it to eat, make it's hide into something useful but a head on a wall is not very useful at all. A sport has games, Hunting is no game. A deer is prey, Prey is something you eat, you don't just hunt it for sport, Just to hang its head on a wall no that's not a game. So hunting makes sense but a lot of times people aren't hunting they are playing a "game" that clearly isn't a game it's basically killing something just because it's head looks pretty. I am not hating on the people who hunt a deer, Give it a quick death, Eat it's meat, and use it's hide for something more useful than taxidermy.

  2. I was a deer in my past life. My theory is that our animals by heart (favourite animal) were the animals we were in our past life’s. Like my dad can know how a Jaguar feels like by just looking at them. It’s like he can mentally connect to them like how I can with deers. I was in the wood with my mum and I saw deer. It didn’t run away it just looked at me. I knew if I went too close it would feel threatened or something but it didn’t. I cake up really close. U til my mum runs up to it and the deer runs away like thanks a lot mum.

  3. I remember these animals in Michigan. They are like goats, they would likely keep your lawn trimmed, if allowed to. Used to come in our yard, eat the fruit right off the trees near the house, they were not too scared.

  4. Deers destroy ecosystem diversity by preventing new trees to grow in open areas and by reversing forest diversity growth and destroying river banks flora diversity. This in turns kills many animals and is bringing many to nearing extinction like songbirds, otters, fishes, insects, beavers and dozens other. North americans created an artificial deer overpopulation by killing all wolves and mountain lions. It is human's duty to reverse this. This means killing deers to help nature and all other animals, trees and flora. Shoot as many deers as you can.

  5. I hate people that hunt animals. If humans we're hunting each other, how would you feel? Forget "We need food" that's why we have plants and meat alternatives. I'm not saying go vegan but just realize that human or animal, we share this planet.

  6. Leave them the fuck alone, man is not the God , not the arm of depopulation. Only this Nazi channel and every corpo government busllit channel is , and remember this channel supports and propagandizes human depopulation aslo by lieing and convincing you MORONS it's needed

  7. REally nice documentary. I'm a hunter I both value and appreciate the life of the game animals I help to manage by harvesting. I love the species. I love venison. I love knowing that what I do helps keep the population at a healthy level. I love simultaneously providing my family meat that is more healthy than anything on a grocery store shelf. If I ever feel like what I'm doing isn't to the overall benefit of the species – I would hunt something else. But here in MA – we have too many deer. Our forests are overbrowsed and the species suffers/starves during times of scarcity. Most people don't know how to recognize this. But a true woodsman can read the sign in the woods. The state's biologists also agree but I don't need them to tell me it's so for me to know. I can see it from the sign in the woods. Plus I see how emaciated they become post hunting season… captured on my trail cameras. I love the meat – but I hunt out of love for the species more than for the meat.. I love these animals.

  8. Interesting that they went to Wisconsin for white (albino) deer. The now defunct Seneca Army Depot (built as a part of the Manhattan Project) is well known locally for its herd of albino deer. It's all of 20 miles from Cayuga Heights where most of the footage was filmed.

  9. This is my favourite video on YouTube now! I legit ran straight up to my mum asking for a deer for Christmas! A deer stole from Santa 😂🦌🦌


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