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  1. Can we really change anything at all and help each other to progress or are there any limitations to our minds?Thank you very much for the video.

  2. nasa faked moon landing, some shadows are right under the object, means they made the video at noon time, which is not morning time as they said/should.

    nasa, china, japan all fake news about solar sails work in space, photons able to transfer momentum to solar sail to accelerate spaceship.

    they lied right in front your eyes.

    if light/photon has momentum, why is laser beam cannot bend a flame? why is light mill not moving in a hard vacuum?

    all space missions are fake, cuz they faked the time delay for space radio transmission.

    light/em waves travel in vacuum space at an infinite speed, only within mediums at a limited speed.

    so any communication takes more than 1/100 second is faked.

    all scientists think light speed is c in the vacuum, they all wrong.

    if light speed is limited in vacuum space, all stars, galaxies we see are from the past, how we map the universe and measure the total mass?

    it is all bs, all lies.

    there is no solar wind. what mechanism? why protons and electrons on the way to earth do not attract each other and form into hydrogen atoms? why does gravity not pull them back into the sun?

    van allan belts? what's mechanism? the sun's energy/radiation/light strength decay at 1/rr, the only way to find stronger radiation is to get closer.

    near around earth, radiation strength is the same, within the atmosphere, it decreases.

    so between earth and the moon, the radiation strength is about the same, less within our atmosphere.

    em drive? powered by quantum vacuum virtual plasma. it is voodoo science.

    ligo detected gravity wave from 1.3 billion years ago? you wave hand will produce more detectable gravity wave than far away stars explode. why can't ligo detect cme or earthquake?

    gravity wave speed is infinite, gravity has to be instantaneous, otherwise, no planets can stay in orbit.

  3. S.O.S
    i'm a prisoner in my own home!
    The Australian government has allowed a terror attack on me!
    i need emergency assistance!!!
    i'm going to blow my fuck'n brains out!

  4. Here is what is never told, or truly spoken about. It debunks every single thing we are taught by those in power! ..Tectonic Plates never cease to shift on this planet, never! So, we only witness what is available above sea level. Only 4% of the Earth's Oceans have been seriously looked into, do you honestly wonder why?.. What would happen if information on cultures spanning the time of 100 thousand or 1 million years are found, examined and put onto display? Total Chaos ! Religions would lose their abilities to lie, cheat and screw the world's population. Those in power would be overthrown, hunted down and destroyed! ..Open your eyes ladies and gentlemen….So much more to see!

  5. 1:13:28
    محاضرة العالم المصرى الكبير الاستاذ محمد النشائى بامريكا The Universe as a Golden Supercomputer

    3 weeks ago

    كيف تصبح مصر دولة عظمى؟ 23-7-2017

    3 months ago

    الدكتور محمد النشائى فى برنامج مشاهير و مشاوير على القناة النيل للثقافة بتاريخ 29-10-2013

    4 years ago

    Samaah – Mai Selim سامعاه – مى سليم

    Mazzika – مزيكا
    4 years ago

    A Brilliant Madness: A Mathematical Genius Descent into Madness

    4 years ago

    Mohamed S. El Naschie محمد النشائي

    8 years ago

  6. between 2 electrons at distance r, there exist a repulsion force f=Ke x ee/rr. that force is acting as a class 1 lever with the fulcrum at the center, the mechanical advantage is equal to 1.

    if 1 electron is accelerating at 90 degrees to the force line, the other electron will instantly receive an opposite direction emf. this is the mechanism of electromagnetic radiation, light, em waves, how energy transfer through space.

    true or false? i think it is true, explained many em phenomena.

    —–>sn ns<—— fixed position steel rods with magnets, the same pole faces each other, try the opposite direction emf. i use my hands as steel rods. i feel the emf, the energy, the quanta, the wave, the photon, the aether.

    free energy my ass, i have to move my hand to induce energy on the other hand.


  8. No mention of punched cards that date back to the 18th century, no mention of Pascal or Babbage who built the first mechanical computers. Both Turing's and Shannon's contributions are over-rated here, as they are made to seem like they did all the theory for binary machines. Shannon's paper was published in 1949, yet binary arithmetic and calculus were first used by Leibniz in1694. The first binary computer was built by Konrad Zuse in 1938.

  9. I thought this was a good documentary. However it didn't explain the concepts it presented. For example, how difficult would it have been to show how a Turing machine works? And how did Shannon get from information being "unexpectedness" to binary digits? It glossed over too much of this stuff for my taste.


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