A Killer Among Us: Inside the Hunt for an Alaska Serial Killer

Original air date: June 11, 2017. KTUU-Channel 2, Anchorage, Alaska.

The full, Emmy-nominated KTUU documentary on the investigation into a series of mysterious outdoor murders that led to the hunt for an Alaska serial killer. The homicides took place in 2016, the deadliest year on record in Alaska’s largest city. Find an interactive timeline of the police videos and exclusive interviews used to make this documentary here: http://bit.ly/2rTFI0o

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  1. I'm probably going to get shit for this but that guy talking about his brother murdered in the park… If he was your hero and all that, why did you feel comfortable letting him sleep on the streets?!

  2. Keeping the fact of a serial killer under wraps is diabolically stupid. That's what was done back in the 70s in northern CA. So the EAR was able to kill 10 more people because people weren't warned to be observant, careful and certain to lock all doors and windows.

  3. I'm glad that those Anchorage trails are safe again.. not that i will ever visit them in my life as i live on the other side of the globe, however, im happy to see that the order was restored despite slayin' and slashin' of innocent people

  4. Listening to this piece of shits family and friends talk about how he's such a great person and he would never do this… How many ways can you rationalize and justify all of the fucked-up things that "tiny" did Growing Up. It's like they have absolutely no conscience either. They try to spin the story to make it some sort of sob story where the assailant became the victim. Give me a fucking break, I'm not buying it

  5. His sick friend is kidding herself: "Just because he had that gun, doesn't mean he killed all those people." WHAT??? Especially after she talked about the dog killing the rabbit??? The mother saying he was a time bomb, dog fighting (I'm glad the fucker is dead), and trying to kill the cop??? Come on!

  6. I lived in Anchorage for 10 years as a little girl… beautiful.. WAIT FOR IT… there are killers everywhere…beware.

  7. @ 12:43 Trey had a bike – the other guy didn't – then he did. WHAT more do you need? That is reason enough to kill someone. Stupid, yes, but true.
    @ 23:41 TIP – LEADS Looking > WHO is? Keeping TRUTH hidden is as bad as the killer's actions. FBI tells NO Truth.

  8. I suspect good, thorough “shoe leather” community policing could have caught this guy a lot sooner. They caught him because he stood out like a sore thumb one night. They got lucky. Kevin Turner and Bryant De Husson, who was obviously a tremendous person, needn’t have died. The police could have released a sketch to the public for just the killing of Trey without saying they were looking for a serial killer and compromising the investigation but instead they kept it to themselves.

  9. 175 tips? That doesn’t sound like very many compared to some murder investigations. That yellow bike is very unusual. They couldn’t find it?

  10. Hey Billy Ray , If your brother was your hero why didn't you give him a place to stay ?  I wouldn't imagine being homeless in Alaska would be a party.

  11. Anchorage, Alaska from Muldoon-Boniface-Mountain View-Fairview-Spenard-Midtown-Fireweed-Dimond are just not good areas…There is lots of foot traffic, homelessness, the parks are full of campers, HUGE alcohol problem, HUGE Meth Problem, HUGE Heroin problem…You will see empty containers of mouthwash out in the open…I would be worried to live in a home because there have been issues with people breaking into residences stealing, raping, and murder. There is gang problem and families who have been here for multiple generations who seem to perpetuate this problem. The downtown area attracts runaway teens who congregate at the Covenant House and are lambs for sex trafficking. There is a military base withing the boundaries of Anchorage Bowl area which makes the population quite transient. The Inlet is basically a GIANT quicksand box for anyone to dump a body seriously. There is animal wildlife including moose and bear who you have to watch out for because people have been literally been mauled while even in racing events. Bottom line…This is a small city but you cannot be stupid and it seems everyone has an agenda.

  12. I don't feel particularly safe in Anchorage. Even if there aren't murderers on the loose, there are bears. I think the bears scare me more than murderous people.

  13. Just because people need something to gossip about is one reasons investigations go on longer and cause more problems convicting people who commits these crimes.

  14. anchorage safe!!!? yeah right! its a huge city ful of gangs of natives thatll kill you for walking down the wrong street. and the small towns outside the city, full of natives who do voodoo and tons of demonic stories and issues, mental illness, violence

  15. why do the people in these documentaries always go like "why would someone hurt this good person" when we already know that people are psycho and they like the act of slaying .. they just want to slay stuff. there is no rational reason, every single documentary has that..

  16. Very good upload. Easy to watch with HD. I hope you keep uploading stuff like this. I loved it. I came back (since night was slow) and watched it again. With me when I'm at work, not much gets done … I just blame it on other crew for being slow and worthless … Working so far !!!


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