SAS Jungle Rescue Operation Barras | Full documentary HD | History channel 2015

Operation Barras was a British Army operation that took place in Sierra Leone on 10 September 2000. The operation aimed to release five British soldiers of the

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  1. The West Side Boys were ironically killed by the Western Troop. The West Side Boys are a bunch of ugly black monkey. Kudos for the SAS by eliminating those monkeys.

  2. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the SAS guys who sat in the jungle for a week, surrounded by all sorts of insects and snakes, probably having to shit and piss their pants to avoid detection, all while being within viewing distance of drugged up african rebels. I can't help but think back to middle school and laugh, remembering how just about every boy, myself included genuinely believed that we had what it took to be special forces when we grew up. Those guys are fucking super human.

  3. I think this movie is copy paste from mission impossible SAS. Cause the main character it's not same. and the west side boys don't give them a foods for eat

  4. There is a book called Operation Certain Death which is about this mission. Its brillent. Also i wish the free world would get together and just wipe out groups like the West Side Boys. They are evil and brutal and cause suffering to thousands. This people would be better off dead and no one would mourn their loss. An the country would be better for it.


  6. and to think some stupid westerners hold up signs in their countries saying "REFUGEES WELCOME" They clearly have no idea that these backward, voodoo believing heathens not only despise them, but have zero loyalty or honour and will only rape, pillage and destroy their countries and cultures

  7. sometime the best trained warriors in the world are fool enough and underestimate capabilities of lawless groups like the west side boys of sierra Leone.

  8. It's all about diamond 💎. British never involved where is no 💰 money…now , you make documentary to tell us we are stupid to believe went there to save lives 😂😂😂

  9. Will African men stop killing there own race? That's every where. To hate self is sin. Its about the mighty $$$$.get together and turn Africa into the country God intended for it to be. Rich resources poor leaderships. Disgrace. When the world is against you, you stand together behind one. Everyone can't be the leader. My race but our men are so lost. By history, in america the women were the ones who till today talk sense,bread winner,etc. They never got themselves together in the head. Africa just sad. Look at the trash waste no type of sanitary. Clean that Sh#@&%T up. Obama need to go over there and lockup all especially the men. Then redevelopment. Vote on leader and have someone to make sure the chosen leader is honest, needed in Hatti also😇


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