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A Liverpool butcher? A relative of the royal family? The identity of Victorian London’s most famous killer has baffled Scotland Yard for decades, thanks to a series of suspected cover-ups, hoaxes and red herrings. Now, Secret History reveals the prime suspect: quack American doctor, Francis Tumblety.

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Comment (261)

  1. I have always been fascinated by the jack the ripper case and I have nearly watched every documentary there is on jack the ripper and I must say this guy had to have been the ripper I no there are other really convincing suspects like kosminski and a few others but tumbltey according to me has to be the no1 suspect the evidence or the circumstancail evidence rather is all there.

  2. Charles Allen Lächere. Look at the program on youtube. It shows he was caught at the second murder and walked away, lied etc. Also shows that he walked by all the murder location's on his way to work. A reporter worked this information for over 30 years.

  3. More nonsense–Tumblety WAS in police custody at the time of the Marie Kelly murder–so either Kelly was not a Ripper victim (which is ridiculous) or Tumblety was definitely NOT the Ripper.  Besides, Tumblety was too old AND he had an enormous mustache which the Ripper witnesses would have noticed.

  4. and now we have this rubbish on cableÄmerican Ripper. it seems a relative of jack the rippper wants to prove he is related to the ripper. no one has 100% confirmed THE RIPPER's identity so this programme is rubbish

  5. when i saw samples of the writing of one of the suspects, I guessed it would be an american. if you have been witness to the writing of americans, they all seem to have quite similar ones. i even mentioned this to an american and that was acknowledged.

  6. No joke,I finished ac syndicate jack the ripper dlc and i didnt know that the murders in game are how he killed people in real life I didnt know that he excited

  7. …To me…The Ripper was a Sinister Masonic Jew…Working for Zionist Jews….Especially those that FLED RUSSIA…..And working for Rothschild Regime..!

  8. Load of nonsense. Tumblety would have stood out like a sore thumb. Jack was almost certainly a nondescript local that nobody ever fingered.

  9. This is not a new suspect. I've certainly seen other documentaries that mention him and Victorian women did not choose their lifestyle. They had no choice.

  10. if he was an american wouldnt you expect there to be the same instances there? i dont know of any american rippers

  11. We will never find out,even if a new document was found naming who it was you will always have some one who'll disagree that fact.

  12. Jack the Ripper is the most over-rated murder mystery out there. He only killed two people. He wouldn't even make it to the papers in the states.

  13. Once again, a lot of ads for someone else's work. Meow got in trouble over some music on a public domain flick's MUSIC. I no get YouTube's reasoning.

  14. I think it´s more behind this, feels like a cover up and people in high places knows more (sorry if it´s bad english)

  15. This documentary clearly shows how much effort the British police was putting into investigating Tumblety. Understandable, given the few suspects they had, but its unlikely he was the Ripper. Tumblety (large man with large moustache) does not fit any of the descriptions given by eye witnesses who saw the victims with their last customer (aka the Ripper). Most modern day experst agree that the Ripper was someone whol ived in the area. He felt himself comfortable and in order to get away he probably knew every tiny alley and back passage. These capabilities cannot be expected from a visiting outsider. And the two rings that were taken from the victim where brass. Not gold coloured as reported by the sisters.

  16. Tumblety was a con man, not a serial killer. Two distinct types of criminal. Also, he was homosexual. In all recorded serial killer history, homosexual serial killers only kill homosexuals. London police at the time believed the Ripper was Aaron Kosminski, a Polish Jew. Once he was placed under 24 hour surveillance the Ripper murders stopped. An eyewitness identified Kosminski but refused to testify. He didn't want the guilt of sending a fellow Jew to execution. So with the help of Kosminski's family (who were frightened of him), he was confined to an insane asylum for life.

  17. I have been watching the new series American Ripper, and it is up to only the 3rd episode but it is becoming convincing that the Ripper may have being the famous murder house killer H.H Holmes. It will be interesting to see how it goes and what it ends up revealing it could just be jack the rippers diary all over again.


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