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African Wildlife HD Part 2 – The wildlife of Africa is the world’s greatest heritage, drawing millions of visitors from around the globe to the legendary game parks and the Kruger Park is easily the best place to experience it all.

With the greatest diversity of species in Africa, and easy accessibility, the park is an Eden where everyone can enjoy the wonders of the wilderness.

Learn more about the Big Five, wildlife, ecology and bird species.

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  1. no video the last 5 minutes or so. only African music….
    why sow Lions from a Hunting farm, behind fences? (short clip about 1 minute.)

  2. I usually listen to wildlife ocumentaries when I go to bed, I've woken up fucking 3 times because of that 10 minute war chant at the end -_- jesus christ why does it have to be so long.


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  5. For those of us who don't know right from wrong info it would be helpful if you pointed out some mistakes. I'm watching this with my 4 year old daughter so if things aren't right please let us know by leaving a comment 🙂

  6. this is one of the worst wildlife documentaries i've seen…….
    it's pretty bad when samuel l jackson's version is better…

  7. Sarcasm impaired much? And the Wikipedia article on the SPOTTED hyena reports "The average litter consists of two cubs, with three occasionally being reported." He who LOLs last LOLs at lusers.

  8. Two incorrect statements about the hyena:
    12:40 "Rarely hyenas hunt to supplement their diet." The opposite is so: hyenas are hunters who scavenge to supplement their diet, and this has been known since the 1970s. The degree that hyenas scavenge varies, but the percentage of their diet that consists of hunted prey is not less than 80%.
    15:40 "Females give birth to three or four cubs." The most common litter size is size, which is fortunate since most female hyenas only have two nipples!


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