History Channel – Titanic Real Story NEW Documentary

History Channel – Titanic Real Story NEW Documentary

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  1. They had to say that the ship did not break because based on the insurance claim for the titanic if it had broken then it wouldn’t have been covered by the insurance

  2. “No humans will dive too titanic” no shit Sherlock if a human tried that they would be a fucking pancake within moments🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂

  3. titanic sank because there was a fire that burned for three days unnoticed, thus weakening the metal. When it was discovered it was too late

  4. Go to 1:20:00 to skip over the same questions being asked, over and over and over and over throughout the documentary. Then you will get your answer to, "Did the Titanic have a fatal flaw? No. Also, thank you for the hurricane suspense. I thought I was watching Twister and almost forgot why i was really watching this video, to learn more about the Titanic. This could have easily been a 30 minute video.

  5. I was so dumb that I clicked this video just because I saw Godzilla on the thumb nail but clearly Godzilla was not even on the video !!! =( =( =( I know most of you people clicked this video because Godzilla was on the thumbnail right ?!? Like if you were fooled to cuz I was fooled so I'm just gonna like my own comment cuz no-one even dose !!! =( =( =(

  6. Why just why did it have to sink and in the thumbnail with Godzilla how come in every movie of Titanic that I watch it doesn't have a single exclamation of it

  7. They just want to go attention It's because we like Godzilla in that thumbnail, THEY JUST LIKE US TO SEE THAT SHIP HOW IT WORKS -~-

  8. RMS Titanic is in reality RMS Olympic. Olympic had a string of accidents and damages and was becoming a liability for White Star. The names of the ships were changed before Titanic was launched and while Olympic was in drydock for repairs after yet another collision. The keel of the Olympic was heavily damaged and was unable to be property repaired, so in order to cut losses, White Star Line simply changed the names of the ships while both were in drydock – after all, who would really notice? Olympic and Titanic were virtually identical. Look at photos of Olympic and Titanic before 1912 and you will see the small, but noticeable differences in the ships.

  9. I tried to watch this documentary. I just could not do it! Why do they repeat everything over and over at least 10 times? 20 minutes of story retold 10 times gets you an hour and a half documentary. I dislike redundancy and that was all this was.

  10. They would have faired better and and only showed up to port late, had they just struck the iceberg head on.

    The idea of no roof on the bulkheads is baffling. I guess Thomas Andrews never used an ice tray.

  11. What about the conspiracy theory that it was not the titanic that sank but the sister ship built at the same time that Was damaged and repaired and deliberately sunk to get the insurance payout. They never mention this in the documentaries.


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