History Channel Documentary-Top Secret Story of Abraham Lincoln-Full Documentary

History Channel Documentary-Top Secret Story of Abraham Lincoln-Full Documentary

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YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/bxTqd6HDRK0

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  1. I’m sick of people trying to vilify Lincoln. He was HUMAN. I have watched & read numerous accounts about him. I’m well aware of his faults. Did he make political mistakes? Of course. Look at what he accomplished. Can any modern president compare to what he was & what he faced? Look at his aging in the period of 1860 – 1865. Why do people think that is? I don’t care what anyone says – he our best president in my opinion.

  2. Indeed a great man but not a whole lot different from today's presidents. Also Lincoln was willing to bargain slaves during campaigns.

  3. At Church a priest once used Lincoln as part of his sermon and said he destroyed all his enemies by making them his friends.

  4. I see someone can't tell the difference between NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC & The HISTORY Channel ! Sorry, but The History Channel documentary is very in depth, making sure not to skip any details be it large or small.

  5. Lincoln, far from being a great man, was a politician and a hustler who granted favors for which taxpayers paid the price. In 1865, a little known steamboat disaster occurred with far more deaths than when the Titanic sank. The Sultana , a Mississippi River steamboat, blew up costing almost 1,200 lives. The boat was overloaded with returning Union POWs as a result of quartermaster Lt. Col. Reuben Hatch's orders. For every passenger the captain would receive at least $5 from the US. Mason, the Sultana's captain, had to kick-back money to Hatch for the exclusive contract to carry the former POWs to Ohio.

    Reuben Hatch, was a thief who bilked thousands from the US treasury. In fact, he had been discharged from the army twice and was reinstated by Lincoln. Hatch's older brother was Ozias Hatch; an Illinois politician and close friend of Lincoln. The elder Hatch requested numerous times that Lincoln not only reinstate Reuben Hatch but to promote him to Lt. Colonel.

    If Lincoln had not been killed he probably would have had his cozy relationship with the Hatch brothers investigated. With Booth killing Lincoln a probable impeachment was prevented.

  6. This comes across as another anti-American selective history piece. If you want a balanced genuine presentation of Lincoln, read "With Malice Toward None."

  7. Control by Satan who was a lair from begin with.That way Lincoln bust out in violent. illegal vote in by fraud who had no business in public office as Obama just selfish serving ass hole.

  8. "Lincoln's greatest trick was hiding his talents, disguising himself as a simple unassuming man from the plains" Written by some 23 year old history major who studied history by watching cartoons. Who on earth would be stupid enough to think that because someone was simple and unassuming wasn't also brilliant and articulate?? I am so SICK of the so-called History Channel trying to get people who hate history to watch their "Idiocracy" level drivel by spicy up stuff that just doesn't need it.

  9. Bullshit dis-info. 'History Channel' my ass.
    "The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits."
    – Abraham Lincoln

  10. Next to Jesus, Lincoln is the most written subject of all recorded history and most written about POTUS of all of American history. The man (Lincoln) made quite a name for himself in his time and all time from that day on.

  11. Every man has his own good and bad points but over all, his positive points outweighed his negative points because he was not only thinking about himself but for the good of the whole America in general. In fact America was BLESSED to have him for a president. He was not only a great man but a brilliant one! Excellent! I am not a citizen of the USA, nor do I live there but at one point, my country was under American rule for a couple of years before America gave the Philippines independence. He was my father's favorite American president and mine too.

  12. I have long felt that the "history" we were taught back in the 20th century in the public schools was mostly brainwashing and pro white propaganda. ( I am white by the way) Through The Freedom Of Information Act, I have learned so much about Lincoln( and others) that was left out of this. They could have gone on for another hour. But no sense in starting a firestorm here.

  13. historical issues of regions being assimilated by force will always keep raising its head by groups that want to seek independence that was taken from them that today would be regarded as unlawful

  14. And the answer is No, I wasn't alive back then. Well, I had studied history in college, but I didn't do to well at the subject.

  15. I think that is true about the leadership having existed more in the south than in the north. At least most of the West Point graduates were with the south during the Civil War in the United States. At least Robert E. Lee was in the top portion of his class at West Point and later, during the Civil War, he was the general in charge of the Army of Northern Virginia for the south.

  16. I often thought that railroad depots and track were greater in the north than in the south. The idea of man power was General Grant's idea. Which they all knew that the north had a greater or larger population. At least that is what I thought?


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