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Ancient Persia : Advanced Technology the Persian Empire (Full Documentary) . Ancient Persia : Advanced Technology the Persian Empire (Full Documentary) .

History, Persian Empire BBC Documentary 2015[History Documentary] Persian Documentary-Persian Documentary BBC-BBC Persian Documentary .

Persian Empire History channel BBC Documentary **For more documentary you click here: .

Top Documentary Films: History of the Persian Empire I have shown in this series of articles that there are several pieces of evidence that the Persian Empir.

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  1. What's the largest empire ever it's just a lie. Why would they say something like that why do people lie big big big Empire but not the largest that's just factually inaccurate.

  2. Iranians are piss weak losers..Persian army was 3 times the size of the Arabs and the Arabs still kicked their ass lol. Persians now follow Arabic culture and write in Arabic script. Fucking white Persian pussies, the only thing good about them is their women in bed..they are absolute whores.

  3. Still i dont understand why you show persians wearing arab's costumes.🤔good to mentioned Alexander burned our monuments.however I respect persians because of their services to the world and inventing a lot of things.

  4. This is not a BBC docmentaryu,they always like to attach BBC to their documentaries to give them added interest as the BBC are known worldwide for producing the best TV,especially their documentaries

  5. English pagans (racists) eulogizing their Magian (racist) Persian brethren empire whom they raped in recent history of their natural resources and were desperate to rape them again till they needed them in the middle east….lol

  6. Fuck you BBC! The propaganda channel against great Shahs and prime minister of Iran! Khomeini and his Islamists were sponsored by CIA-MI6-MOSSAD and shuttle into Iran. Watch Shahs interviews against west and Jewish power. Carter was another puppet of deep-state! Terrorists are created by CIA-ANGLO-ZIONISTS LIARS! They sponsor ALL ISLAMISTS (ISIS/AQ/Taliban)

  7. since syrus and the Hebrews had some kind of friendship I would think they would of help in the building works. they were known for the skill.

  8. Good documentary. Nevertheless the Mongols had the greatest land empire ever, at its peak it reached from Poland to Korea and from southern Russia to Northern India.

  9. anyone watch sons of anarchy and wonder why he tripped off them saying " those Persians" and he said Persia hasn't been a country since something thing AD it's cuz he narrated this episode 😉 lol someone please get this

  10. For me are the greeks the biggest cus their idea We People s letery use today Their Symbols letters numbers are every where of the world

  11. Mongol s trash those persian s mn gtfo larger st empire of the world how they can know that And why is China not conquered or other asian tribes never attacked by these so called biggest persian s

  12. It DEFINITELY was not the largest empire… The Persian Empire at its peak size was not larger than the Mongol Empire or the British Empire at their peak sizes…

  13. The way Persia was described was completely biased in this documentary. Watch and read about the 'Meager' Spartans and Athens then make your own mind up. Give credit where credit is due and don't describe war strategies as traps. Empires fall and empires rise, those who 'rule' them are often far from godly and should be remembered for their actions and not biased opinions.

  14. The fucking 165 people who voted down this historical fact must be fucking Saudis or Greeks who have been the enemy of the Persian Empire because both of them dreamed to be part of Persia but never succeeded despite their destructions in that country! The Persian neve became Arabs or Greeks but those who destructed the Persia called themselves pPersians!

  15. 'The largest empire in history' when not a single Persian had so much as glimpsed the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, the southern coasts of Africa, and 2000 years before they'd have heard of North America, South America, Australasia, or Antarctica? Yeah, no. Bloody hell History Channel has low standards for accuracy.

  16. Fuking zionist bustard is lying.. these fake jews and country theif will lie to get anything… bustards liars ! I spit on u and shit on ur mouth.. u lying kunt!

  17. Hello Peter Weller…
    Haven't seen you in a while..
    Good to see you're still working..
    On a documentary ….
    Very well.. And you graduated.
    From the University Of Syracuse….
    Good to know…You've got an
    Education before you started
    Acting….. Well done Sir…
    I so much enjoyed viewing this


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