Ape To Man: Evolution Documentary History Channel

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Apologies for the bad quality. It’s a tremendous documentary so I still wanted to post it. Couldn’t find a better version.

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  1. The evolution theory is demostrated in this video as 'the trueth', but it is never proven in practise, it is only well substantiated with proper sources which make it just a 'theory fact'. However it is a mistake to think theory facts are equal to the trueth.
    In fact theory proof does not really exists, because it is acctually a concept, and all scientists know, that with new future information, a theory can always be broken. And because there is always new technologies and new info, there is always a chance it was unright to mark some kind of theorie as 'trueth'. Only if human where omniscient, theories can be proven, this is not the case, so theory proof does not exists.
    The only proof exists is practical, because it can be demostrated, repeated and always give the same result, making it impossible to break. And because its impossible to repeat the progress of millions years from ape to human, this can never be proven also. Scieniest only succeeded in practical proving the evolution of a snake in a matter of deceniums of years. The snake became bigger than his previous generation, making short term evolution in size by snakes proven which is impossible to break. However still the evolution theory from ape to human or whataver someone means with 'evolution' shall always be a matter of believe. People may choose theirselves what they think what the most logic is to believe, creationism, or no creationism but evolution, or something else. But it is always a matter of believe, not of proof. People saying evolution is proven are either ignorant or arrogant. So don't demostrate it as the trueth and be fair with whatever you tell. Espailly american evolution documentaries are well known to have sensation above quality fair information, because they do whatever is needed to get maximum views and so money.

  2. This is for ALL scientists! There is a missing link. Go to your personal library, alphabetically start in the a's then working your way thru the b's look very hard, clean your glasses, don't over look any book. Go further e, f, g, h?!? Nothing at all! Yep, there we have it! The missing link! Bible, Holy Bible. All studies towards evolution is vain, intentional ignorance. No bang ever happened! Think of this: What come first, the chicken or the egg? One more thing to ponder on. Where did the first living organism come from?

  3. Brainwashing is when you are told from the time you are a little child that there is a god who created everything and loves you unconditionally, except if you don't believe that nonsense he will make you burn in hell forever and ever, so don't ever doubt it.

  4. I’m fucking laughing at the creationists in the comments that say that evolution is not real or that it is a hoax loool

  5. Human kind has been suppressed and diverted from truth by powers such as the Rockefellers or other similiar chosen powerful human families to create such suppressive efforts such as the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian is a prime example of freemasonary knowledge and truth suppression. The Annunaki created us 440,000 years ago to mine gold for them, there have been more than one human hybrid lines created over millions of years, the Annunaki is more than enough for most to digest without going into the rabbit hole much deeper.

  6. Okay. I’m going for a long shot here people. And I cannot make you believe a word of it. As a matter of fact. If I were in your position- I’d think that this boys on crack! As a fact I was doing exactly that because someone else was talking about giants and aliens in Antarctica. and that’s what brought me to the position I hold for the moment!! 1971/1972. I was helping my dad with the roof. New shingles. I have always been a sky watcher. I saw a light that moved. So I asked him. He explained that it was a satellite and told me about them. How they work. A few weeks later or maybe a month. We are at a friends house. It’s night. Maybe February- April. Water is high in Sacramento River. 5 kids play outside and it’s time to come in. We did. But I was hot from running. So I went to a window and pressed my face against the cold glass. And I looked up as usual. I saw satellites and stars. Skies were clearer back then. But a satellite I-was watching. Stop moving. So I started to wonder how? Then it changes directions. No big deal- but by 5 minuets later. It’s zipping from horizon to horizon. Stopping and taking off in a 90 deg. Angle. As fast as you could follow it. For about 10 min. Then it zipped off north and never came back. I had said something to the parents. Dad ignored me. And again. He doesn’t say anything. His friend bill Cunningham got up from the card table and came over to look. To appease me. And then he said. Barrick. You better come look at this. Hes tell the truth!! Dad got up. Came and looked. Went back and sat down. Said to bill. We playing cards or not. It was seen by the 4adults and 5 kids.
    1 week later. Were over there again. Billy is acting strange. My dad asked what’s wrong? Come on outside I need to talk to you. Of course all of us kids are going to. But they were told to stay inside. Then billy said come on to me and I got to go. Outside he told my dad that he had seen 7 horse shoe objects coming down the river along the brush line. Shining a blue light of some kind into the bush. He was scared to death. Did not want any one else to know because they would think he’s crazy. – 1994. We’re fishing. My brother and me. Sitting in the truck. It’s cold and windy. As we talked. He keeps looking up. I asked him what he was doing. He said that there’s a light up there moving. I looked. It’s a planet. I said. He was still looking. Well it’s gonna land then. So I got out. It was 300+ yards long. Maybe 175 tall. Made no sound. About 1/4 away. You could see through it like the predator movie. His suit or what ever. You can see it but it’s like its clear. And it went behind the tree line. By the time we get up on top of the levy. Its gone.
    And. I have been in a home supposedly haunted. lol. Yeah. I said bullshit to. As we were sitting there shooting the shit. A book that was sitting on the glass table flipped up in the air about 18 inches and off on the floor. NO ONE TOUCHED IT. NO ONE. AND I HAVE A FEW MORE. BUT that’s enough to make you think I’m crazy.
    That’s why I’m not fan of evolution. The only explanation that ties everything together is the creation theory. So do your best. I told you what drives me to search for answer. Oh. The second one when we were fishing. Made the news.
    As I mentioned about Antarctica.
    Google earth before the new update. I saw things there and they should not exist !! I have pictures. I have pictures and I don’t know what to do with them

  7. Anyone who believes in human evolution is responsible for our thinking brains is being fooled.

    How is it only humans evolved into thinking mammals and not other species?

    Based on the killing nature of humans I personally don't see humans as being the superior species.

  8. What i know is our science is full of lies from moon landing to this stupid from ape to man . Damn it why other ape kept stand still . Lazzy apes or lazy/bloody science of what so called scientists !


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