Inside The Secret Cyber War Raging Between East And West

Hacked! How hackers stole Australia’s greatest secrets.

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Everyone is aware an unprecedented international cyber war is the latest game in town for international spies. Nation states spy on, steal from, and attack each other mercilessly. But it’s a secret war where little is revealed. This film uniquely gets under the skin of this new battle ground, uncovering costly espionage attacks the Australian government has suffered and is desperate to hide. A fascinating insight into the new frontier of international warfare.

ABC Australia – Ref. 5855

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  1. I am shocked – shocked! That the heathen Chinese would steal military secrets. But the thing is, they don't invent things – so they have to steal. They used to live on rice and fish heads until they stole the manufacturing bases of developed countries by reverse engineering, and now hacking. They are laughing at other countries, all the way to the bank.

  2. You can not successfully counter-strike because your transistors get melted by your enemy striking from nearby or thousands of miles away (San Diego National Lab–Shimomuro). Therefore, you must first-strike and it must be automatic analysis of metdata—and it is–due to humans are too slow. But because of Stuxnet failures (multi-attacks every 27 days—failed to do) by our best engineers….our transactional memory programming will be filled with holes. End result? Cyberwar will push the losing side to not lose by going nuclear…great.

  3. it funny to watch documentaries like this now, when we all have so much info about what is actually going on, and see how much lying there have been from day one.

  4. So world's largest privacy invader stealing information from everyone is complaining about the same thing being done to them? That's rich.

  5. @gauljiro konn Firstly "I'll bite yout face cunt". secondly you ride a fucking moped and call us pussies. you sir are an arse hat

  6. Just send your all powerful military and crush the Chinese while you still can! Get them addicted to opiates again. Crush their hope even more. Force them to make our SUVs and big gas gusslers.  


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