Anonymous Documentary – How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World Full Documentary

Anonymous Documentary – How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World Full Documentary
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We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World

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Comment (7,962)

  1. Lol what the F did these cannabis junkies do to change the World?
    All they ever do is make threats and never steps up. These losers at one Point claimed they would destroy Scientology.
    Well did they? No.
    They didn't. They couldn't even step up and make that threat.
    Just like they also made the most pathetic claim I've ever Heard in my Life up to this Point, that they would get rid of everyone's debt. EVERYONES.
    How would they do this? By hacking computers.
    This should tell EVERY rational individual across the globe that these people are completely Clueless to what they're talking about. Apparently they completely skipped education all together.
    You can't wipe out everybody's debt by hacking a few computers.
    Lol. These debts are on papers etc etc. The list is long. Hacking a few computers won't wipe out no debt at all.
    Of course once the idiots realized that they couldn't get the job done AGAIN,
    what did they do? They do what they Always do,
    claim they never made that claim in the first Place even though they actually did. Repeatedly mind you.
    These junkies never changed anything.
    They'll have you Believe they did but actually never did.

  2. Here is a shot in the dark. Most of us know the the system is broken. Most of us know the system can't or won't help. I believe most of us do not trust the system or any of it minions. So – I propose we just work around them. There are many targets we can focus on. So – let me just float an idea for one serious problem – homelessness.
    There are so many people without homes and many homes abandoned and empty. We have vehicles such as "go fund me" and people who know how to organize – legally. Why can't we use the power you and the internet/social media in general have and put together people with the knowledge and the people with the desire to help and the money and crate our own entity to purchase the empty housing and use the money and volunteers to make the homes livable and form co-opts to run them and give the homeless places to live and support to make sure the people and the homes are properly taken care of. Help them get jobs, re-educate or just basically educate. Get the sick – physically and/or mentally the help they need. We do not need the government to do this. We have the ability to fix this with plain normal human beings. We have the power to make change.

  3. Anonymous if you get this i want to know exactly what you are protesting i get that you are one voice and one person but i dont exactly get what you are trying to say

  4. I don't Believe You Are Anonymous! TRUE Anonymous is NOT FOR ANARCHY!!! I BELIEVE YOU ARE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT! or at least DISINFORMATION. Anonymous IS mostly ONLY About FREEDOM!!! Freedom of Internet!!/ Speech/ Personal Choice and Independence and they Believe in Individual Responsibility!!! They are NOT this bullying anti-social grief-hacking BULLSH*T that is WAY too prevalent on the web! BeWARe about Impersonating Anonymous or Deceiving as it Appears WikiLeaks may have


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