Penguin Baywatch (Wildlife Documentary)

Meet Chinstrap, Macaroni, Adelie, Gentoo, King and… Queen. Spend a year with them in the icy waters or on the volcanic islands of the vast Southern Ocean.

Do not fall from the cliff when you leave in the morning and always be certain to catch the right wave on your return home before sunset. Watch out your “friends” who are always ready to push you off the iceberg. On rocky outcrops, always keep your distances with your neighbour, at least 2 feet. Meet your partner this evening, as it is your turn to take care of your fat feathered kids for the next 15 days. Most important of all: if you want to see your family again, avoid all welcoming committees of Fur Seals and departure festivities of Leopard Seals.

How does it feel to be a penguin?

International Wildlife Festival
Missoula, USA – 2005
Finalist Award and Merit Award for Educational Value

Producers : Saint Thomas Productions, ARTE
Directors : Cyril Barbançon

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  1. Awwww that penguin was still alive when the scavengers came n killed it and it was others right there that was fucked up but these are also birds that will abandon their eggs and/or young if it get to hot or cold and other penguins will let the unborn be eaten and will let the young be killed they sometimes love their mate more then their young sometime

  2. That bird reminds me of my ex greedy bitch she feed off my carcus scaring all the other birds off……. Sharing is caring


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