Hackers Wanted (2008) Full Documentary (Reupload)

A re-up of this stunning doc.

You may download the soundtrack here: http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/91575220/file.html

All rights go to the creator(s) of this video, as I did not make this.

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  1. This Doc avoids talking about the Israelis. The Russian mafia has been portrayed as being Christian or non jewish in films. But the Russian mafia is almost exclusively Jewish and Israeli. Mogilevich, Vladimir Ginsberg, Ludwig Fainberg, Cordikofsky and even Meyer Lansky gave billions from their crimes to Israel. And today powerful Jews in America and Israel have made Israel the home base for Google, Yahoo, Intel and others. Jews in America constantly steal new technology and in Israel they study it, reverse engineer it and sell it to America's enemies and make billions. This Rothschild tactic of creating America's enemies so jewish owned tech and defense companies can benefit from the vast trillions put into America protecting itself in multiple arms races is reality. The Israelis sell tech they stole from America and Americans to Russia, China, Pakistan (that's what the Pakistani Imran Awan was doing for Debbie Wasserman Shultz who is a spy for Israel via AIPAC ). They want us to think its the Russians or Arabs. Its not. Its the Jews in America and the Israelis in the middle east. Yes there are Russians in Israel contracted to hack into America all day long because of their skill. Israel pays them from the billions America sends to israel for free as well as the monies stolen from the US economy and other Jewish schemes. Its the ugly truth

  2. impress me hackers. You say you might not take anything but why cant you solve the cheating and stealing from good Americans. find the money trails. find out who's involved with scandals. proof. we're not smart enough to do it. so you want me to be impressed that you went from free phone calls to getting on some server. politicians are paid for. show us how. 911 left our lives thinking the news wasn't telling us everything. find the answers to some important facts and use that talent. otherwise split up all the money from those mobsters out there. Oh I'm a hacker and I let people know they have vulnerable spots in there code. right. every house has a way to get in. I used a ladder. It's that simple. We don't need to define what a hacker is we need real proof shit heads are cheating us out of our goals and efforts. peace.

  3. Wow, the russian hackers, writing code in their head and that leading to more bug-free code. One probably requires/developes quite a serious concentration-ability in that mental enviroment.

  4. 22:04 While wrapping up my BA in cyber security. I recently had an art teacher ask a question while prepping us for a midterm, my answer differed from his interpretation, but was valid. He stated he can understand how I reached my conclusion but his response is that's not what we as visual artists believe, therefore you're wrong. He went on to state if you answer the question on the test that way it's unacceptable and you'll be marked wrong. I got a 100 on the exam…

  5. 'Captain Crunch' and Wozniak are the 2 essential players in what we have today. I was more 'crunch' in my early years, now more of a 'waz' lol Hacking is instinctual for most and there is a bit of these two guys in all of us who share the interest.

  6. 23:35 "The FBI doesn't track the average white hat hacker…we're specifically interested in individuals who are breaking federal law…" OK, but the point of this video is that a lot of people break the law for non-malicious reasons.

  7. Cool and interesting video, found this video lookin for a school to apply to. I'm pretty tech savvy snd know my good share about hacking. Does anyone know any good school where I can further my skills to a Grandmaster. Op pls help

  8. In a like manner, I can take a filing cabinet full of critical information, and attach a sign that says, "Keep Out", and put in on the public sidewalk out front of my home. The public sidewalk should then become my property according to the same logic. It's mine now since I moved critical information into that area, and even posted a sign. Now, I have claimed public property as my own. Don't walk down that sidewalk anymore, even though it appears, and is connected to the other public sidewalks next to it, it's no longer public because I placed a filing cabinet there. This is the argument they use to say hackers are to blame for stupid companies attaching critical information to the internet. They actually think they have a "right" to privacy while at the same time, placing the information on a public thru-way. They are ignorant, and have been from the beginning of this thing, and they still think, after numerous hackings, that they should be safe placing this information on the internet, which is a public area??? They are struggling with their own insanity, and the laws reflect this insanity…

  9. Point in case that organizations in house IT people do not like to be shown up by an outside person especially when it risks a job or embarrasses the organization

  10. Well, the thing about DDOS is that is is a kind of protest. I mean, is there some critical rate that one can't refresh a web page at? Why is generating some kinds of web traffic illegal and others legal?

  11. The thing I am most afraid of is the out of control Governments of the once “free world”. It seams there no more prepared to protect us from any of the worlds threats, then they were in the spring of 2001. Scoring D+ and F on there cyber security, the biggest threat to the world today. Fools to the left of me and jokers to the right and I am still stuck in the middle with you.

  12. … it's all about ethics.  truth? servitude? freedom to live as you want? non-violent disobedience?  war? scarcity? greed? love?   what is right to you? 

    revolution will NEVER be legal… the money economy is failed… two things move the Oligarchy… Money.  Information.  we must adapt now!

    We will NOT stop until our lives are ours again! 

    Vox Anon!  Vox Populi!

  13. If you believe all this, then you will want to give all your tax dollars to the NSA,..If fact that is the objective of this video…

  14. Us |people can suk a dick with there cocky ass trying to help all country thats y russia n china n n korea dont like us

  15. Bradley Manning also exposed documents that put America at risk and it's own citizens. He didn't even read a 10th of what he put out there. I question the sanity of a man whose first request was for the State to pay for his sex change. Manning is not a hero. And if the US was guilty of War Crimes, they would be held to account for it. They haven't been charged with anything. Not by any official agency.

  16. And fuck you. You are encouraging him to fuck over the US Government and crash everything? Who gets affected? YOU and I. Fucking the Government over means fucking us over. Get over your delusional dreams that hackers are liberators. 9 times out of 10 – anything they will do to a Government or a Banking Agency or a Transit Authority will affect us. Everything hackers do affects us.

  17. You are retarded. North Korea has 5000 Artillery Guns pointed at South Korea all the time. Including the Goksan 240mm Artillery gun, the largest Artillery gun in the world. They have Artillery guns on rails that can be pushed into mountains to protect themselves. Nobody gives a fuck about your anti US bullshit. The US has been protecting South Korea since 1950.

  18. @ 1:17:00 that guy says we can OWN the US hackers for the price of one jet, he then goes on to say he could USE them.

    Who the fuck would work for that asshole?


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