Oldest Mummies in the World (Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline

Ancient Egypt was considered to be the origin of the practice of mummification. In Chile, however, spectacular graves containing mummies a thousand years older than those of the Egyptians, are being unearthed.

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  1. The people from the mountains who breed like rabbits killed them off ……….. We need real investigators not these sjw Virtue Signalers. For all we know the last Atlantian world was more advanced than our modern neo marxist retarded 1.

  2. The way modern people act like the oceans and water ways didn't equal the old HIGHWAY system by insisting nomad hunter gathers settled is silly……………… Those same hunter gatherers are still secluded in forests and they don't mummify their dead. What is the average height of the skeletons and what culture do the skulls match? Mummification elsewhere would be like orthodox vs catholic practices while being the same religion kind of thing? Maybe tech lost and re discovered or adapted to work in a new more humid egyptian environment etc ect…………………. Modern colleges are putting out people with no imagination or critical thinking abilities…….. It's always 1 agenda going on an anti 1 culture 1 that is ruining the HUMAN history we all share regardless of OPINIONS.

  3. Feet and hands similar to greek bone structure / phoenician bone structure / Druid / celtic / guanche / tullee eater in nevada killed in lovelock cave…………. The 2 nd digit on toes are longest. If your feet match you're a relative of the last atlantian empire.

  4. Guanches had the bodies of SPARTANS but even better according to accounts of them. They left the sanskrit story of the dark people and wars removing them from their homelands. The last strong hold of the atlantians off the north western coast of africa discovered by columbus. Every where you find PYRAMIDS you find their cities inter marrying or war eventually they went away.

  5. Did that background moaning song drive anyone else crazy? I'm going to have nightmares of that strange song 🤤

  6. One of my bucket list wishes is to spend 1 day participating in an archeological dig. This is so cool.

  7. Much enjoyed this documentary. There were a number of statements by the narrator that seemed presumptuous. Perhaps the mummified fetuses were not "still born," but removed from a woman who either died accidentally or intentionally. What evidence is there that everyone was mummified, not just the "rich and powerful" as in Egypt? As to the possibility that post mortem bones were split in order to access the marrow is indicative of cannibalism is another assumption. Perhaps the marrow was used medicinally, or in spiritual rituals.

  8. Okay there depicted as people who didn't wear nothing but could weave a fine grass skirt and other things they don't show or want to. What if they just fell since they lived by the coast and not attacked as it seems all archeologists want to assume right away I mean it's there own people who invented torture and a whole lot of disturbing things and what if that bone fracture on the leg is from them wanting to do study themselves on the body. Why is it that scientists think every culture was a primitive culture until Europeans and Spanish showed up when Europe was a primitive society until they explored other cultures and took things from them. I noticed Europe is the only place that doesn't have any pyramids built.


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