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Russia hopes a new Baltic Sea pipeline will strengthen its gas market position in Europe. But the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project is highly controversial.

Poland and the US are against its construction, Germany is in favor. What will the outcome be? The negotiations are heading into the final round. At stake is an energy lifeline for Europe – and the power it implies. Over the coming months in Brussels and Berlin, Moscow and Washington, the decision will be made on whether or not a European consortium led by Russian state natural gas company Gazprom is to lay another pipeline on the Baltic seabed. The carbon steel pipes bearing the name Nord Stream 2 are projected to cost 10 billion euros and run from Vyborg, Russia, to Lubmin, Germany. This route could soon be carrying the greater share of Russia’s natural gas exports to the European Union. The project already carries its share of opposition: Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic republics eye a direct German-Russian connection with concern – mindful of hundreds of millions of euros in transport fees they stand to lose. And Ukraine sees itself at the mercy of Russian interests, should the West no longer have need of it as an energy corridor. The United States, with liquefied petroleum gas of its own to sell, has been threatening more sanctions. The pipeline’s opponents in the EU are doing what they can to hinder its construction and tie it up in the courts with legal maneuvering. Government spokespeople in Berlin and Moscow insist the project has only private business motives, those being to guarantee the supply of natural gas and keep the prices low. Supporters and opponents agree on one thing: Nord Stream 2 would alter Europe’s energy politics for decades to come, which would in turn affect geo-politics. Energy issues are always questions of power. Russia’s leadership is well aware of that, as they’ve repeatedly demonstrated in the past. But in this round of the “Great Game”, the Americans are joining in. This documentary presents the pros and cons of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, now in the employ of Nord Stream, has been drumming up support. Opponents, such as the former Polish prime minister and current Member of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, explain their positions. The documentary was shot on locations in Germany, France, Ukraine, Georgia and in Brussels and Moscow.

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  1. Two pipelines is better than one ! Hopefully, Europe can learn to work together … including the UK and Russia. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer … Great video (Don't you just love America) !

  2. I am surprised that this documentary ignored a most important strategic move from Russia. Russia turned around toward a much more lucrative market than Europe: China and Asia.

  3. DW shouldn't use the words Germany and Europe interchangeably when it speaks of interests. They clearly aren't the same thing, especially in a climate where Germany is clearly looking out for it's own interests to the active exclusion of Europe.

  4. Whatever happened to the separation of Economic and Political policies as part of the free market principles? When gas is delivered at a cheaper and faster rate, is it a bad thing?
    Problem is, politicians tend to politicize what will be convenient for them and not for the general populace.

  5. So Russia want to sell its gas to Europe but America wants to sell its own shale gas for higher price to Europe .

  6. Both Russian and Germans are neighboring countries they have to work together for the future, Germans must forget about joining American hegemony against Russia its counterproductive

  7. Europe and both Germany should cooperate with Russian Federation to bring longtime peace and prosperity

  8. DW! Best documentaries ☝️🙏☝️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏☝️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  9. At the end of the day it all comes to the cheapest price for the gas. Stability is also a factor. I dont belive that fracked gas brought by ships over the atlantic is cheaper, it probably cant even be suficient in volume.

  10. Not a word about alternative energy sources in order to circumvent the perceived threat of dependency from Russia. Or is this an issue "signed, sealed and delivered" between the energy giants and the politicians some of whom are on the company payroll?

  11. It freaks me out when expected adults act like children & decide out of fear rather than finding ways to counteract such fear. Countries who may be in doubt in the common decision could prepare their own amended guidelines to express their opposition in order to secure the interest & security of their own nation. Transparency & a two way communication must be satisfactory tool for politicians to convey their deep concern. Politicking is actually an act of 'devalued' confidence.

  12. For Poland it is not just the fear to lose hundreds of millions of transit fees without doing anything for it, what really pisses Poland off is that they can not blackmail/force us into a negative stance towards Russia any more by threatening our gas supply, the Poles did it more than once, just like the Ukraine did not long ago.

    No sane nation will tolerate that sort of behaviour for decades and say "oh yeah please go on cuck me, blackmail me, keep on stealing from me!".

    US and Poland go apeshitcrazy because they want to force their antirussian agenda on us, they do not want a strong Germany that voices their own political position and demands, they want a cucked Germany that takes every command/blackmail from Poland or the US. The US wants to sell it's own gas to us, they want to starve Russia, divide Russia and Europe, break any economic and social/politic ties to Russia…NICHT MIT MIR!

    The ONLY healthy position for Germany is "Switzerland-position", we gonan trader and negotiate with everyone but we will NOT take the US/Polish side or the Russian side. PERIOD! BASTA! ENDE DER DISKUSSION!

  13. This German-Russian pipeline is againts Eastern Europe. This pipeline is Political! U need to be really Stupid to not see this!

  14. If you can make a documentary about Levant Basin Province, Eastern Mediterranean! ..present and future .. peace and war.


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