Defeating The Hackers – BBC Documentary

Defeating The Hackers – BBC Documentary.
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Exploring the murky and fast-paced world of the hackers out to steal money and identities and wreak havoc with people’s online lives, and the scientists who are joining forces to help defeat them.

Horizon meets the two men who uncovered the world’s first cyber weapon, the pioneers of what is called ultra paranoid computing, and the computer expert who worked out how to hack into cash machines.

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Comment (84)

  1. Is that freedom or this is an opportunity, … of what? And why the last word sounds that it was past, and it is a such an important word like they don’t vary anymore, and what this means? Is it possible at all, or it was just a perception not too long ago when the life was happy, … what? Why you would see a problem. Isn’t that something that is not all right, … of what?

  2. ALL encryption and ALL security of ANY type is/are only as strong as the guy with the key. If that guy can be bought or blackmailed then it's game over. None of this really matters. Example: the US and China are constantly hacking each other from the inside by paying or blackmailing someone to be careless, forget something, or add something to something else. None of this changes that.

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  4. Hackers are GOOD, crackers are BAD. That is not a synonym. Someone who makes a 30min documetation should know that. This is so full of stereotypes…

  5. NSAs supercomputer can do in one second what a hackers top line PC would take 25000 years to do…if Big Brother wants to find a hacker it would take perhaps .001 seconds of NSAs time:)

  6. heres a wild idea dont use a computer or phone for anything you dont wish to not have private…yeesch…rocket science

  7. I am sure this is a good documentary. Thumbs down to uploader. Screen small & then to add insult to injury add that stupid crappy movement as the backdrop.

  8. Hackers are not after your money, big opening statement of delusion justifying the destruction of human rights and civil liberties (what are left of them). This doc is discussing crackers, thieves, using technology instead of explosives to break into your safe. So why are the FBI, CIA, corporations, banks, all these private businesses using the peoples' world wide network in the first place. Get your own f******g selves wired and this will limit your technology flaws. Get of our NET, our cables, our free open busy network of people!!!!! You are asking for trouble by looking for a global fight. Beat a person stupid and what they tell you will be anything but the truth, just what you want to hear. The usa goes out into the world with it's military commerce killing murdering everywhere they go and wow! they are surprised when all this comes back on them? You're are idiots! Again, stay on OUR PEOPLES' NET and expect the hacking from within. Crackpot crazy money centred weaponised creatures that you have become. xJes

  9. Wot's with the tiny screen. ……gave up after 30 seconds. …stupid idea 'might of been a good subject otherwise. Try watching this on your mobile phone .


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