Free the Network: Hackers Take Back the Web

Motherboard’s documentary on Occupy Wall Street, hacktivism, and the hackers trying to build a distributed network for the Occupy movement and beyond.


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  1. It will never happen because it will jeopardize national security,if you have it then the bad guys can have it,these are kids too smart for his own good!

  2. It's kinda like these people have an answer for which there is NO QUESTION??? Either THAT or more like "Mu"? They must un-Ask THE QUESTION because the question is not the right one to ask????

  3. what a bunch of fucking morons.. That so called " free & safe " internet method they're using is so easy to spy on every single device connected to it. They put up a free wireless network and call it safe from the gov. They got no fucking clue what they're doing at all. Look at that bearded guys eyes. His obviously high asf.. You can easily just connect to their "free & safe" internet and spoof adresses and log all the information passing through it. Lets use words like Peer to Peer & safe. That will make it safe. LOL. This just made me laugh like heck from a Network Engineer point of view who specialize in network security. Just a bunch of weed smoking hippies calling themself "hackers" who put up a peer network and telling everyone its safe without being able to even explain what it does. funny shit lmao. systems like the one they're using is not meant for sending traffic straight out on the internet. They're just access points to connect devices wireless and reroute the traffic to a core router & firewall. Using it like they do, letting anyone connect & having it connected straight to internet just show they got no clue. Anyone would be able to connect & log the traffic going through the access point if they wanted to and had the know-how. Setups like they've done here is extremely vulnerable to reverse TCP attacks & ARP spoofing as its just a L2 device handling all the traffic & connections. But what do i know.. These guys are so high they're almost levitating. They're changing the WORLD guise!. LOL!

  4. So you going to New York City sleep on the ground in a park you smoke a bunch of pot and you chant like idiots surrounded by police getting pushed around and told what to do to understand if this is the world that you're trying to make this is the world you're going to live in Forever

  5. Pay close attention on how to create your own internet (i2), net neutrality being repealed means we are going to have to start building our own..

  6. I am glad you millennial scums want to work until the day you die…because that is what you will be doing if you don't want wall street and a retirement to look forward to.

  7. fucking young hipster trust fund babies who wear masks cause they don't want to get cut off, talking about socialism. Idiots need to be put on a plane and shipped to north korea.

  8. 20:25. "these material things are made from suffering" BUT, because nobody else is relinquishing their things, then why should i have to, right?


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