Hackers – Wizards of the Electronic Age

Hackers is a classic documentary about the midnight programmers that created the personal computer revolution.

Hackers is not about malicious code-crackers. It is about a “hacker ethic” that led to major breakthroughs in technology, and forever changed our world. From the first MIT hackers to popular Silicon Valley inventors, this program covers this fascinating cultural phenomenon through interviews with twelve of its early pioneers.

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  1. ive always thought this, being a hacker/programmer in this age (2000 onwards, not the date of the vid) is like the equivalent of being a wizard, especially on online social chat games made in flash back in like 2002 and onwards, so easy to exploit, nobody knew how to hack and it was very uncommon and everyone on there saw us as gods. those were good times. but we've come a long way now, those games are ceasing to exist. mmorpgs are dying also which were also very fun to exploit. RIP.

  2. I remember seeing the first run of this on my local PBS station shortly after having read Levy's 'Hackers' for the first time. And it haven't seen it since, so thanks for posting!


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