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At the dawn of a new century, a new theory is being born. It threatens to demolish the foundations of 20th century physics. Its authors are two of the world’s leading cosmologists. If they’re right, Einstein was wrong. It all began when Andy Albrecht and Joao Magueijo met at a conference in America in 1996. This program began from Newtonian view of the universe then takes you through the General Relativity and the Flatness problem. This leads to the Horizon problem and its solution, the Inflation theory. However modern astronomy doesn’t stop here, the Inflation theory has its flaw too, and what happened before the big bang? This can all be answered by changing one thing, the one thing no body dare to question until now.

First Broadcast in 2000. Content licensed by DCD. Any queries, contact us at [email protected]

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  1. The gravitational force of a large massed object, not so much curves space, but rather compresses space, while also slowing time. Matter compresses space which creates the curved trojectory ,of another object passing through its gravitationally field

  2. the speed of light is effected by water, and by crystals, so it is not consistent, period. within the scope of our universe, light is surrounded by influences. Surrounded by energy in the form of gravity, and electro-magnetic energy as well as a multitude of radiations. as the outer fringes of the universe are reached the concentrations of these energies are less are less. light thus less unaffected would be faster, so the " expansion " would also be faster. There are different ways to look at the expansion, an extremely powerful burst of starting energy pushing outwards is one. . . . . The other an energy being sucked into a void. a void with no electro-magnetic, no gravity waves, no light etc. That sort of expansion would gain speed. The original energy being sucked into void for some 13-18 billion years. Then, it would be faster at the outside edges than at the inside. That is exactly what is recognized today, increasing expansion speed at the outer limits of the universe.

  3. It requires a creator. The deeper you look, the more you see that creation didn't just "happen" without design and purpose.

  4. This old doc is about dark energy and its relation to the speed of light in the universe's expansion. If you already know even a little bit about dark energy, then this is going to be a waste of time for you. Info in this doc is too outdated and antiquated. This is so old, they don't even use the term "dark energy" yet. There's no such thing as an "empty vacuum of space". Light is slowed down by virtual particles which pop up randomly from the quantum realm in the "empty vacuum of space". Light speed is altered by random stuff that pops up and isn't technically "constant" in a supposed "vacuum".


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