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  1. thinking that robots will take over, internet will want to kill us all, is superstition and a really dumb one in fact. This is the way it's supposed to go. The AI is gonna go really smart one day and we cannot avoid that. And I am looking forward to this day.

  2. The only technology I want is a time machine so I can go back to a simpler time with less government intrusion and far fewer taxes.

  3. If algorithms would habe existed in WW2 and would've been neutral the Nazis might have won WW2. Because algorithms are neutral and still so not understand the difference between an open society and a repressive one the republicans have won the last presidents' election. But there is a difference between an open system that oppresses fascist ideology which oppresses basic human rights and a fascist system…which oppresses basic human rights…just like the police oppresses a mass shooter who oppresses other citizens who just tried toake their lives work and earn money by producing stuff other people are dependent of to live a better life so they can produce stuff the first ones are dependent of.

  4. As much as I wouldn’t know what to do without technology, if there was a vote for having technology abolished I would vote get rid of it all

  5. Racism is op .i think those who cry racism are the ones that deeply are racist .same goes for those who can't understand that there's so much about progress that is simply out of our control .sure robots should reach a point they can go terminator on us .
    You know what there's also a million examples of something intended for good actually ended up causing bad .evil can piggy back on good intentions .
    Just how this holographic simulated reality goes . The answer to making the best world possible starts with you .you can make the best you possible then try your best to spread that good into everything thing in your control .
    Positivity breeds positivity .negative breeds negative .
    Racism is a cancer that's spread more by those useing the race card .perfect example of this is put into the minds of young people then that negative thinking becomes an excuse for people's own failures.
    Build a bad robot and we will die by there hands .
    If your worried about being spyed on then either you are up to no good and worried you will get caught .
    Or simply deny yourself the activitys.dont buy eletro nix don't use them .buy old cars old homes or live off the grid .lol

  6. would now be a wise time to advise all our governments,to stop all global wars and conflicts b4 a.i becomes selfaware?

  7. It's like if humans had to be flawless… But what's wrong with flaws?
    Personally, I love waking up every morning on a certain time, maybe before my watch rings, go earlier, or with this need to sleep sometime, turning off the ringing bell, waking up 30mns later and running to work! I arrive early, on time, or laaaaaaate :DDD
    That makes someone hate you, another just yell at you… somebody helps you…. meanwhile you make the acquaintance of somebody, you create bonds and cut others…
    Let's say you're going to the octor, but don't know where he is… You ask, somebody answers, another not! Maybe that'll make you pass by a store, get a new mug! Meet afriend, just like that! By accident… Don't find the doctor, get a cancer, and die! … and what? Where's the problem? It what makes us humans!
    Being everything but perfect is what makes us who we are! I love myself, and love imperfection! This imperfection is what makes me ME! I have so many flaws, as you have, as everyone has…
    We have to accept that in ourselves and in others!
    These scientists are not trying to create a better life, they want to get the perfect life, then the perfect being! But what perfect means?
    Perfect is at the border of what we want, and what we can reach, or maybe can not! Perfect is what we accept! Perfect is our choices, and what makes us happy! Perfect is each one of us!
    We're all perfect, being silly, being snob, being stylish, being a dushbag…. We're perfect when we meet the one that accepts us as we are, the one we accept as s/he is, perfct life is about the perfect bond, not the perfect isolation!


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