Technology, Documentary, My Dad, and Me

This film explores how technology has given me a chance to broaden my artistic abilities and enhance my relationships.

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  1. Great film. You have a future. Keep filming. If contests like this, and technology like this will prevent even ONE school shooting … well worth the time and money put into them!

  2. Wish I'd had the film gear and technology available to me as a teenager. Having this in classrooms and at schools can really help these teenagers. If it prevents just ONE school shooting .. it's worth it. A human life is priceless.

  3. Shelly – thank you for sharing your story!   My children entered the film contest for fun…and had no idea we would be so inspired from all of the winners, especially from yours.  It was great to see your personality, your passion, and your connections clearly in your short film, and how easily, it seemed that you could reach through the lens and touch an audience.  I can't imagine the positive impact you'd have with a full feature film!!!  I'm sure your parents are so proud – what an understatement, right? …and with them, I hope you know, that there are many others out there – strangers, if you will – cheering for you to continue on, finding other stories to share and keep inspiring the rest of the world.  Best wishes for you…and looking forward to watching your successes on film!

  4. Thanks Shelly. I'm a TV producer in Hong Kong and now pioneering new learning and teaching method in Chinese educational system which is quite traditional.  Your film is so typical that this new technology improves relationship between generations.  Please let me know more about the film and look for opportunity to meet you in US, China and Hong Kong.  Mingto Shing (Email: [email protected])


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