Audio FE documentary by British Columbia Institute of Technology

Audio flat earth documentary created by students from The British Columbia Institute of Technology as a project. Featuring the voices of Mark Sargent, Patricia Steere, DITRH and Orphan Red. More information on the school

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  1. At first I thought it's all about money and that we live in the World of self imposed slavery ……but this is not the case ( they – parasites – have all the money they want ) . It is much, much worse – they are controlling our thoughts – and not being aware of this – is only showing how successful they are……
    Wake up people !!!!

  2. Elon Musk is a punk. No, seriously; I'm not just calling names. He is a punk for the Cabal. He's one of their little house boys. Earth is Flat.

  3. 120,000 ft is is 22.727272727273 miles! up can't see a curve up there so "scientists" how much farther up we need to go to show you there is no curve ?

  4. Check out..Nikki Haley and sunita.suni Williams. .now look at THERE stories..and there husbands name's and both husbands are helicopter pilots? Wow now ain't that a coincidence? Nah..Nikki or suni just a good actress on the world STAGE…I would like to see..Nikki Haley and sunita Williams in the same room at the same time and date.. with my own eyes…..

  5. Can't read the comments. Hmm? Globe yay. Psych. If space was real then they'd have hotels for billionaires hehe psh

  6. 4:47 be careful what you ask for – they're probably working on complex fakes as we speak. CG technology just gets better and better. The more flaws you point out the more perfect the fakes become.

  7. That was so awesome, if its out there enough it will at least not be considered crazy, it will be a choice, then it will be a truth!

  8. *Great presentation as always! * The secrecy is beyond governments, Vatican, elites… Humans are pawns to more advanced entities ruling in the background. Some have apparently integrated society genetically-seamlessly. The deceptions are way to calculated and inhumane to be of our nature alone. Look back when Christianity came to be when they robed and burned the Alexandria library. Look into knowledge of a distant past like megalithic structures, the Titans… There is more than meets the eye here. There is a cycle of many civilizations just as advanced technologically as us. A pattern of creation and destruction that has nothing to do with natural apocalyptic events. I could carry on but I will leave it at that. God bless all.

  9. Love waking up to great videos like this! Thanks David! I remember the first video I watched was hearing you and Jeran debate the two guys on Flat Earth Roundtable part1&2 and I laughed at you and Jeran so much… but I looked into it further to disprove the nonsense, and rewatched those two videos a few days after listening from the flat side and that started it all. Thank you for all you do. Wide awake since Nov 2017 and now spreading the the TRUTH!


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