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Watch Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6zoHzVTJDs
The world loves dinosaurs – the very word conjures up fascination and intrigue among millions. Yet few people realise that over 100 different dinosaur species once roamed Britain, which boasts one of the best fossil records anywhere in the world. From giant Sauropods the length of two double decker busses, to Raptors made famous in the Jurassic Park franchise, to the world’s favourite the Tyrannosaurus Rex, all manner of dinosaurs called Britain home.

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  1. Evething that is said is very interesting but why is camera angle always wrong, every time she shows something we see the box or her hand….

  2. "No one knew about dinosaurs"… Please ignore all those worldwide stories and beliefs in Dragons that have been around for thousands of years. Just because actual dinosaurs have skulls that look mighty Dragon like are mere coincidence. Surely just coincidence.

  3. Terrible acting I guess this was on ITV as it is less about the information and more about bad acting haha

  4. yawn … we've got also our dinosaur. look here, also our animations got more impact because of london in background … yawn.

  5. Before the flood of Noah's day, the earth's climate was tropical with the water canopy shielding the planet. However, the water canopy both above & below fell causing the North & South poles to form very quickly and change our climate to what we have today. This is why we find dinosaurs globally & quick-frozen tropical animals & tropical plants on our highest mountains including seashells. Read about it in the Bible Book of Genesis. The Bible agrees with proved science.

  6. The CGI is better than some dinosaur movies and it’s very interesting to learn more about these creatures.

  7. I would like to point out that dinosaurs (that we found so far) never evolved the vocal cords necessary to make sharp screech or roar sounds.They could probably hiss like an angry ostrich or goose. Some may have had a balloon like organ, in their nose or chest, to make low frequency whoop noises with, that could carry long distances. And some may have been able to make cooing noises, similar to a pigeon.

  8. FunFact Trex Wasnt a apex predator its actually a scavenger but spinosaurus is an apex predator

    FunFact The Quetzal was the biggest pterosaur

    FunFact The Raptor in Jurassic park is an Denonychous a Raptor is very Tiny

    FunFact The biggest raptor known is the utahraptor



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