Tony Robinson’s Romans: Julius Caesar Part 2 (Roman Empire Documentary) | Timeline

Julius Caesar is one of the monumental figures of history. He forged the role of Emperor and was worshipped as a brilliant general and reformer, but he was killed by the people who knew him best.

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  1. Eu tenho um profundo respeito pelo povo romano . Os grandes e maravilhosos cesaris . O berço da civilização moderna .

  2. Imperator didn't mean Emperor, it meant general, surely even that expert knew that. It's more than likely where the word emperor came from.

  3. Whoa … wait a minute.
    There was no way that Caesar could've avoided the conflict with the Senate.
    Cato, Pompey and the entire opposition planned to not only strip him of everything but possibly have him killed, they were fanatics about it.

    It was the senators that unnecessarily brought about the War… not Caesar.


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