The Least Scientific Nature Documentary Ever | Marvels of the Science | Episode 2

A nature documentary hosted by a man whose passion for science is only matched by his total lack of knowledge.

Make sure you watch the end of the video for a special message from Breandan.

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Comment (219)

  1. i wanna write a fantasy universe where everything you say in this series is true. three long suns. rocks throw themselves at you. planets formed because the moons were lonely. i love it.

  2. Read the 'Natural Philosophy' by Aristotle. I kid you not, it is like this. Those 'four elements' in avatar series comes straight from the old greek natural philosophy. Sure, everything is made of water, air, fire and earth. And all heavenly bodies are swimming in a substance called 'ether' which cannot undergo change, only move. All the stars and planets change events here on earth because they change less and are therefore more perfect. Because change is bad. (according to Aristotle)

  3. " The Earth is constantly throwing itself towards us,, But because we are on  it, it throws itself at itself"……..hahahahaha

  4. I kind of wish science classes actually taught this shit. Then you'd have some students going "That's fucking stupid. If I want to learn anything, I'd better get to a library and learn it for myself." and you'd have other students going "Yup."

  5. This is hilarious… I love it xD
    But does someone know what that intro/opening music is? I really need to know… Thanks


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