White Giraffes: Nature Documentary

White Giraffes: Nature Documentary

A small population of the White Desert Giraffes remains in a remote area in Niger. This isolated population shares its territory with local people. These last & rare Giraffes were very close to extinction due to human pressure & lost habitat. Thanks to both an international conservation project & local people efforts, now the giraffes are out of threat & are expanding again their range. Story of a real success…

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  1. Build them a good fence, it will save the people's beans and keep the giraffes out. Never knew these guys were so loving 💖

  2. Beautiful zoos and conservation work Pierre and Omere! The animals are so healthy and the environments are stunning! And Kata, a friendly rhino—wow! 22 more giraffe!!! Wonderful! Love giraffe… Great documentary.

  3. it is a shame that mosquitoes do not carry birth control…

  4. he said the people need the firewood as it's the only way to cook…okay fair enough. next thing the women sell it to guys with a van…dafuq. the people force the giraffes away from water, but if the giraffes die out the world will lose another beautiful creature to support the virus that is man. filthy foul find destroying yet more nature. it sickens me

  5. It's the giraffe's ancestral land. They need to eat too. Why pay these ppl? Let them starve to death & bring back giraffes when gone. Problem solved. Population control of people !!

  6. I'm amazed that french guy found it hard to hand out micro loans of 10-40 euros. The dude probably spends more on a single meal.

  7. I think there's a problem when these film makers seem to show more sympathy towards the plight of the animals than towards the deplorable state of living and poverty of their fellow human brothers.

  8. I wondered if Acacia Trees remineralize the soil , and it looks as if Science confirms this . They are in the pea/legume family , they add Nitrogen to the soil . Crops planted around them produce 3x more , so cutting these Trees down for pennies , is definitely a selfdefeating practice .
    Plant Acacia Trees ~ don't cut them down


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