Unreleased music suite – Cosmos Special Edition 1986 by Vangelis

Here’s something very rare: a suite of unreleased music Vangelis composed for the special edition of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos in 1986, the tv documentary serie that originally started already in 1980. The suite is compiled from 6 Movement songs. I omitted the sixth movement since it’s the same as the only song that is commercially released as Comet 16.

The music is absolutely gorgeous. Vangelis uses both crystal clear digital synthesizers and his famous old analogues as well… absolutely fabulous combination of both worlds. It’s incredible luck for us all that these movements saw the daylight.

Please enjoy the vast world of our Cosmos!

00:00 Movement 1
01:56 Movement 2
05:13 Movement 3
09:29 Movement 4
11:02 Movement 5
(Movement 6 = Comet 16, not included here because it’s offically released and it was lower quality than the offical).

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  1. I have a fear. What if one day, in the far future, the human mind, in whatever form it exists by then, will finally fully comprehend what’s out there and how the machinery of the cosmos works, right up to every detail without any doubts? The mystery that thrilled the minds of so many generations would be suddenly gone and the only thing left behind would be: sterile, passionless, emotionless clearness. Maybe … just like a believer losing his god?

  2. This music could be used in so many movies and videos. It is perfect for drama and action films.

  3. Escuchar estos sonidos, despiertan mi visión y mi misión es estudiar astronomia, para hetender a Dante Alighieri y Giordano Bruno y a millones que nos hablan de estas humanidades en estos soles, planetas de septimo dia, los de comuna en amor de unión igual y libertad higienica, por ende dialogamos con estas humanidades que nos escuchan y se comunican con nosotros los espiritus de este sufrido planeta tierra donde existe tanta maldad y mentiras religiosas, para mantener a los espiritus dormidos y esclavosa de sus mentiras santas que de santas solo contienen maldades mitomanas, por ende nuestra logica del despertar y ayudar a despertar a los demas…………..


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