Can you hack it? Hacking Documentary

Can you hack it? Hacking Documentary – found on the net 😛

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  1. Bull Shit, google gets big cash from Gov. Facebook Too. Facebook is the worst, he was always visiting the white House, In cojuts With Mr. Obama.

  2. Fyi. The earth is the land on this planet. Not the planet. This planet is not flat. And man has never been to the moon.

  3. Fyi. The KJV says todays generation will seek ancient philosophers.The odd thing. The people today get instant info from google and such. Yet have not enough intellect or education to find out if the info is true even if they wanted too.

  4. Why the hell you guys hating so much on this doc? It wasn't made for nerds, it's made to try to explain what hacking is to "news morons". Yeah those morons that only use our twisted news as their info source. They have no fucking idea what a hacker is, other then thinking it's someone out to get their money…

  5. I'm a little confused here; Do US citizens not own the software you buy? Cracking isn't illegal over here, sharing your findings isn't either, unless it opens up features you didn't pay for

  6. my, last point – hopelessly, trying to make sense out of youtubes comment, strategy – "how is society better served?" by protecting the job of the useless nyt administrator, or by trying to figure out how the guy did break the system? many years too late, but still…..

  7. The guy sitting on the wall in the begining is Adrian Lamo, HE IS A TRAITOR PIECE OF AMERICAN SHIT! He called himself gray Hat, but for me he is a WHITE CIA Hat!

    edit. This docu is from 2010 because Captain Crunch is very old now. (condition health deteriorated)

  8. 16:52 – OH trust me – humans will come up with some excuse to blow each other up….Most of you are still primitive savages.

  9. Americans really are imbeciles. Win the war on terror. Win the war on the boogie man.
    Just don't fear. Then there is no terror to fight. simple.

  10. Besides the buzzwords being used this documentary is just a radioshow filled with stock material of the space shuttle, stock market and pictures of servers… This has to be one of the cheapest documentaries ever…

  11. rofl i always found this documentary hilarious as fuck with kevin spacey as the narrator. i'm glad this pile of ass never got released and its called "Hackers wanted" not can you hack it lol.

  12. Indians/pakistanis are idiots, they should emulate China, and unite together to ecome an even stronger smarter world power. .. . . . .or is it that one faction is stupider, and the smart guys had to break their country awy? If so which country is the moe intelligent one?

  13. It won't be a "cyber pearl harbor" we need to worry about it will be a "Cyber gulf of tonkin" It wil be n attack executed by the country on their own country for whatever reasons they have behind their actions!


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