Subnautica – ‘Deep Blue 2’ | A Nature Documentary Narrated by David Attenborough – THE LOST RIVER

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➡️INCREDIBLE voice acting by the amazing Tim Wells –

➡️AWESOME ‘Deep Blue’ intro + transitions by Shineytrooper –…

➡️ HUGE thanks to Thijmen for the smooth camera mod!


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Comment (481)

  1. This is pretty good, but your VA needs to tone down on the drama a little. The original David seems a lot more calm and matter-of-factly… Nonetheless an extremely amazing video!

  2. Holy crap this is beautiful! I want to give you money via patreon so bad, but i'm just a kid. I really hope that others are able to donate!

  3. @Awesomecrunch did you really had David Attenborough to narate this….this master piece,
    Also i love David Attenborough from the blue planet narating the episodes but my personal favorite episode was the abyss but now you made this episode like the abyss if it was in space
    Will you ever get neil degrass tyson along with Bill Nye the science guy to narrate a precursors based documentary like ancient aliens but with subnautica


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