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Is The Simpsons racist? No question about it. But just how racist is the long-running animated show?

In his earth-shaking documentary, “The Problem with Apu,” activist Hari Kondabolu exposed the racism of The Simpsons, by shining a light on fictional Springfield’s adored East Asian owner of the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

Now, inspired by the unmatched bravery of Kondabolu—a man in his 30’s who is angry at a cartoon—We the Internet TV’s Lou Perez is risking everything to take on his animated nemesis, perhaps the most beloved and racially grotesque Simpsons character of all: Bumblebee Man.

In Lou’s own words: “While most people see a hilarious wacky character, I see a grotesque caricature. Bumblebee Man is a direct insult to my people: Hispanics who dress like bumblebees.”

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hank Azaria apologized for the pain he caused by voicing Apu. Isn’t it time for him to apologize for the stings he’s caused the proud Hispanics-who-dress-like-bumblebees community?

Here is a sneak-peak of the forthcoming documentary that will set the world on fire with justice, “The Problem with Bumblebee Man.”

Trailer for “The Problem with Apu”:

Hank Azaria on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

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Lou – Lou Perez

Written by Brandon Bassham with Greg Burke, Boris Khaykin, and Lou Perez
Edited by Greg Burke
Graphics by Frankie Parise

DP: Kevin Jacobsen
Sound: Fernando Castillo
PA: Luke Spallino
HMU: Jenny Diaz

Executive Producers: Maurice Black, Lou Perez, Erin O’Connor, & Rob Pfaltzgraff
Creative Director: Erin O’Connor
Head Writer: Lou Perez
Creative Producer: Lana Link

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Comment (27)

  1. Think people are getting more offended by Condabolo then Condabolo was by Apu?

    Yes, I am a guy with a anime girl user image who thinks other people are stupid.

  2. Yesterday I squashed a giant bumblebee in my kitchen, with an empty beer can.
    I felt good about it at the time, but after seeing this, I feel sad.
    I feel sad for the bumblebee, and sad for the classless way I had brutally murdered and mutilated the bumblebee with an empty beer can; but, mostly I feel sad that the beer can was empty.
    True story.

  3. they should censor or remove Homer. Homer is a stereotype of the typical fat, white american. And ban Lisa too. She is a stereotype of the insufferable, political correctness liberal lunatic.


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